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18 Things You'll Find In A Filipino Refrigerator

Refer to your ref.

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1. Look out for the "ice cream tub" in disguise.

Ywaa! Na excite pako giatay! 😡 pila nako ka adlaw kita ani sa ref. tingala ko walay mukaon. Mao diay...

2. And the box of sheer disappointment.

nakakahiya yung cake namin sa ref 😭😭😭😭

4. Inside, there are bottles of cough syrup that'd probably be worse for you if they're cold.

Nakita ko sa ref namin. Gamot sa sakit ng ano to??? 😂

5. And a huge chunk of uling and you don't know why it's there.

di ko pa rin talaga alam kung bat may uling sa loob ng ref namin 😂

*Whispers* It acts as a deodorizer.

6. There are recycled water bottles that don't actually contain Evian.

Parang dagat ref namin sa dorm, puro tubig. 😭

8. There's also a large stash of ketchup sachets from every fast food resto ever.

Sinong nagsabi na ayaw namin ng mga ketchup ng Mcdo, Pizza hut at Jollibee? =))))

"Iuwi mo 'yung ketchup, sayang 'yan!"

10. Stacks of ice bags and iced candy that take forever to remove are in the freezer.

11. And naturally, some chocolate bars from your balikbayan relatives.

Sayang Yung Mga Chocolates Sa Ref Hindi na Pinapansin! #chocolate #tobleron #cadberry #sneakers <3

12. Some of which you're not allowed to eat.

bago ko ilagay sa ref 😂😂

But you still do because walang makakapigil sa 'yo.

13. There's always that one thing that expired years ago but no one ever got around to throwing out.

Baileys, isang taon ka na sa ref. Goodbye. Sobrang nanghihinayang ako, bat ka kasi nagtatago. 😭😭😭😭😭

15. And an opened can of liver spread from that time your nanay cooked kaldereta.

Which turns as your palaman sa pandesal the next morning.

16. But YAKULT. There's always Yakult. Yakult is your always.

Pero di ko alam pinaglalaban ng isang isang isang isang pwe isang pack ng yakult sa ref namin. 😂

"Probiotics is good for you, anak."

17. And boxes of queso de bola that your family never got to finish since last Christmas.

May tikoy na sa ref, may keso de bola pa rin. Gago ano yon

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