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25 Pictures That Will Make Every LGBT Filipino Smile

Three stars and a sun and a whole lot of rainbows.

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1. This cute little design from Rappler when SCOTUS ruled in favor of marriage equality.

2. These front pages of leading local newspapers featuring the most recent Metro Manila Pride March.

We made it on the front page! Thank you to the 1,600++ people who came out to #FightForLove! #MMP2015 #Pride2015 ❤️🌈

3. This photo from the first Pride March in the Philippines, which was also the first Pride March in Asia 20 years ago.

4. These Filipinos who don't identify as LGBT themselves, but have joined the fight for universal human rights.

5. This billboard of a gay couple holding hands that was censored, but was restored by Filipino artists who wanted to #PaintTheirHandsBack.

6. This gals who love God and each other because, hey, it's possible.

19th Gay Pride Parade march in Manila

7. This dog who loves love.

Dude buti pa yung aso. #PridePh #MMP2015

8. And also this cat loves love.

Trying to do laundry, but someone's still upset about getting left behind last Saturday. 😁 #FightForLove & Laundry

9. You know who else? Mother Nature.


10. This little tyke who loves all his human brothers and sisters and non-gender conforming humans.

I was looking for bible thumpers but I found something better #mmp2015

11. This man who's proud of his heritage as well as his sexuality.

12. This family that's ecstatic to be together.

"Everyday there's always something to marvel at/look forward to [being a mom]." #AllFamilies

13. These lovebirds who were shot by Cupid's arrows.

14. This epic scene at Manila Pride that's basically a lip-sync stadium.

15. These peeps at Manila Pride who are serving serious #squadgoals.

16. And this fairy at Pride getting that fairy life on track.

And you shouldn't have a problem with that.

17. This chalkboard at a coffee shop listing all the necessary things in life.

Also when there's pandesal to dip in it.

18. This shirt!! *searches for it on Etsy*

All kinds of love represent at Metro Manila Pride! ♥ #MMPride2014 #GSMCCMakati


19. THIS 👏 FAB 👏 LOOK 👏

20. This excerpt from Paoloregel Samonte's valedictory address for UPLB's 2015 commencement. <3

22. And these ladies in love.

The girl in the blue shirt on the back = literally all of us.
Twitter: @rapplerdotcom

The girl in the blue shirt on the back = literally all of us.

23. This couple getting their life.

Gay couple 😍 (earlier @ metro manila pride march) *ctto #LoveWins

24. And if these photos aren't enough to make you smile, just hang in there.

Because, definitely, marriage equality in the Philippines will bring a smile to every LGBT Filipino's face and help them #FightForLove.