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24 Food Realities Only Filipinos Will Get

Kumain ka na?

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1. You learned how to roll stuff in a thin sheet of wrapper the yummy way.

2. And learning how to cook rice is a life skill you'll forever be grateful for.

3. Because rice is love. Rice is life.

4. You know there's only one way to really enjoy your food: magkamay!

5. You like your ketchup sweet, made with bananas, and aptly named 'Papa'.

6. When you say you want some Mang Tomas right now, you literally mean the sauce, not a person.

7. When somebody mentions 'betamax', 'adidas', and 'walkman', you immediately think of food before anything else.

8. You know the secret to a long life: it's called pancit.

9. Tapsilog is your idea of a perfect breakfast.

10. And you try to stay away from eating longganisa for breakfast because you don't wanna be burping it all day (but you fail miserably).

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11. You've been dunking pandesal in your coffee before you learned to dunk Oreos in milk.

12. You eat your fish with the bones and head still on it.

13. And the possibilities for sawsawan are endless!

14. Adobo will always have a special place in your heart.

15. And you crave for sinigang even if it's hot outside.

Halos pinaglilihian mo.

16. You can't wait for summer because that means you'll get to eat green mangoes again on a daily basis.

17. You just can't get enough of this sweetened powder.

18. But lechon skin is actually your ultimate addiction.

19. For you, it's not the right kind of spaghetti if it's not sweet and without cut-up hotdogs.

20. You really just want some sisig and beer at the end of a long day.

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21. And you know heaven is for real because you've tasted leche flan.

22. You've constantly lived life on the edge by making tuhog-tuhog the fishballs straight from the hot kawali.

23. Finally, your favorite OTP is puto't dinuguan and lugaw and tokwa't baboy.

24. And nothing breaks your heart more than seeing this guy walk away.

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