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23 Tagalized Anime Shows You Used To Watch After School

*rushes home to watch Slam Dunk*

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1. Cardcaptor Sakura


Why you loved it: Because you also wanted to be a cardcaptor like Sakura and get to know all these magical creatures, collect them in Clow Cards, and store them in a photo album or something. It could be a nice hobby, really.

Most memorable scene: Anytime Sakura seals a Clow Card with her wand, it’s like the most serene feeling~

2. Ghost Fighter

Studio Pierrot

Why you loved it: This show had everything: romance, comedy, action, and drama. Even the villains kept us at the edge of our seats! Oh, and remember when we thought Dennis was a girl, and Jeremiah was a boy? And when we all believed we could do the ray gun if we positioned our fingers the right way? Good times, good times.

Most memorable scene: When Taguro finally reached his isang daang porsyento, fo’ sho’.

3. Flame of Recca

Studio Pierrot

Why you loved it: The premise is pretty much like Ghost Fighter’s—tournament battles, supernatural powers, etc.—which is probably why Flame of Recca also gained a huge audience. The characters were complex; some who began as villains became allies later on.

Most memorable scene: I’d like to say every time Recca gains a flame dragon (which, btw, I still remember the names of), but I kept remembering when Ira, half-naked, called Recca to come to the school at night. I’m sorry, I had a very disturbed childhood. Also, Dylan Mikagami, that sexy water sword wielder??????

4. Princess Sarah

Nippon Animation

Why you loved it: We’re suckers for stories about damsels in distress and protagonists who suffer but shouldn’t because they’re kind and smart and overall wonderful. Also, she’s a fucking princess!!!

Most memorable scene: Any scene where Sarah and Becky makes balat the patatas.


5. Slam Dunk

Toei Animation

Why you loved it: Damn, this is the reason why kids back then rush home from school and escaped the task of being classroom cleaners for the day. The characters are really great (Sendoh is my personal fave <3 <3 <3), and the show didn’t hold back in the comedy department. And the adrenaline!!! Ohhh the adrenaline this show gives!!!

Most memorable scene: It’s hard to pick only one, but it sure felt great every time Sakuragi successfully takes a shot or Shohoku wins a game. It’s almost as if you’re part of their team, too.

6. Voltes V

Toei Company

Why you loved it: Because they are robots that make up a bigger, stronger robot. What’s not to like?

Most memorable scene: Literally every time they form into Voltes V and the thEME SONG STARTS PLAYING AND YOU SING ALONG AND YOU JUST—

7. Hunter X Hunter

Studio Pierrot

Why you loved it: Because the characters seem like they’re children who don’t know any better but they’re really the most badass characters you’ll ever meet. And don’t even get me started with the villains. Genei Ryodan is lit.

Most memorable scene: If you’re a morbid child who loves gore and murder, there sure is a lot. But it would probably have to be when Kurapika killed Uvon, one of the strongest Spiders, in a duel.

8. Lupin III

Tokyo Movie

Why you loved it: Probably because it was the first anime where we were rooting for the bad guys. Oh, and Lupin, Fujiko, Jigen, and Goemon? #SquadGoals af.

Most memorable scene: Probably anytime Inspector Zenigata tries and fails to chase Lupin and his gang lol.


9. Dragon Ball Z

Toei Animation

Why you loved it: Soooo many elements in this show, so many things happening, so many characters! In short, so many things to like! You’d be lying if you say you haven’t tried turning yourself into a Super Saiyan (and getting nothing but a fart), or tried doing the fusion with a friend (wink wink).

Most memorable scene: Probably the entire Goku VS Freeza battle, which lasted about a thousand episodes, when all the while, Freeza was saying the Earth will explode in five minutes.

10. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Sunrise Studio

Why you loved it: Because GunDAMN, those robots are badass.

Most memorable scene: When Hero first “rode” Gundam Wing and he found out it accurately copies the way he moves like it’s a person, but more badass ‘cause it’s a robot. You were just as amazed as he was.

11. Detective Conan

TMS Entertainment

Why you loved it: The Sherlock Holmes of all 90’s Filipino kids, Detective Conan kept us to our seats with every episode—each of us racking our brains trying to figure out who the suspect is, and failing every damn time.

Most memorable scene: When Shinichi was made to take a drug that turned him into a younger version of himself (Conan), and that’s exactly when we knew it’s the end of Ran and Shinichi. Also, every time Conan/Shinichi solves a case and our minds get blown.

12. Crayon Shin-chan

Shin-Ei Animation

Why you loved it: Shin-chan is that kid you always liked to hang out with because he’s goofy and funny, but you’re also thankful you’re not him because he always gets himself into trouble. It’s actually a wonder why this was allowed to air. But then again, I grew up watching this and I turned out okay… I guess?

Most memorable scene: Every time Shin-chan shows his “elepante”, or every time he calls his mom, “Hoy, Carmen!”, and every time Puti does the “epilepsy.”


13. Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe

Nippon Animation

Why we loved it: There’s something about an innocent child transforming a grumpy, rich, old man into a loving, soft-hearted grandpa.

Most memorable scene: When Cedie whipped up his flute and we’re all like, “Damn this kid got skillz.” Also, when they made it into a Filipino movie with Tom Taus as Cedie. It’s so memorable that we still see him as Cedie even now that he’s, like, a grown up.

14. Mojacko

Oriental Light and Magic


Most memorable scene: When they went to a planet with lots of watermelons and they used the seeds to ~make art~ on the ground. Also when Mojacko drank too much of a cold drink and he suffered brain freeze and somebody said he should tap his back to prevent it so he did and I also did and it’s probably the best advice from a cartoon ever.

15. Doraemon

Shin-Ei Animation

Why you loved it: Because Doraemon is every thing we ever wanted from a friend. I mean, he LITERALLY has every thing in that little pocket. And he’s a cat, on top of that!

Most memorable scene: Every time Doraemon reveals a gadget that might help Nobita for that episode, and everything’s just so useful and you wish you also had those in real life.

16. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Nippon Animation

Why you loved it: Tom and Huck went on all the (mis)adventures so we wouldn’t have to. And it was fun to watch these two have fun and learn their lessons. It was like they’re living the lives we all wished we had!

Most memorable scene: When they successfully built that tree house and we begged our parents to build us one. Also, every time Injun Joe gets on screen and you literally get batshit scared.


17. Daddy Long Legs

Nippon Animation

Why we loved it: There’s something about mischievous kids that capture our hearts. Judy Abbott—like Tom and Huck—is one of those, creating her own adventures at a prestigious boarding school where she was sent to by an ~anonymous~ dude. This anon dude doesn’t require Judy to do anything for him except write once a month, with no expectations of a reply. Thinking about it now, it’s kinda creepy like what the fuck anon dude this isn’t Pretty Little Liars, let us know who you are.

Most memorable scene: That time Judy saw anon dude but only the shadow of his legs—hence the title Daddy Long Legs. The nickname “daddy” makes it more intriguing, if ya know what I mean.

18. Zenki

Studio Deen / Kitty Film

Why you loved it: Because “KUKO NI DIVAAAAAAA!!!!” ‘Nuff said.

Most memorable scene: Every time Zenki turns his opponents into nuts (lol) and eats them. It’s just so satisfying.

19. Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo

Nippon Animation

Why you loved it: The plot line is heartwarming and family-centered, which is probably why Filipinos were instantly hooked. We also wanted Romeo to succeed in life so bad, one dirty “chimineya” at a time.

Most memorable scene: Any scene with Piccolo (Romeo’s… uhm… rat?) because he’s so cute and he never seems to run away even though he’s free to do so.

20. Heidi

Nippon Animation

Why we loved it: Because living in the alps was a dream we never thought we had!

Most memorable scene: When Heidi found out her bed is made of dayami, which she claims is sooooo soft, so you also wanted the same bed for yourself but your mom wouldn’t agree and says it’ll make you itch. C’MON I CAN’T BE THE ONLY ONE!


21. Bubu Chacha

Why we loved it: It’s like Hachiko, but much better because the dog reincarnates into a car and nobody dies. Well, technically.

Most memorable scene: Every time the book opens at every start of an episode and you know you’re in for another fun, slice-of-life story with the adorable car-dog, Chacha, and his best friend Buddy.

22. Akazukin Chacha

Gallop Studios

Why we loved it: Another Chacha we love is this unassuming girl with superpowers that transforms her into a lovely woman to fight the ~bad guys~. She’s so lovable that her two closest guy friends constantly fight for her attention, and we’re all like, “same.”

Most memorable scene: When they recreated Hansel and Gretel in one of their episodes so there’s a house made of goodies and we’re all like “Chacha no!” and she’s like, “Chacha yes!”

23. Sailor Moon

Toei Animation

Why you loved it: Aside from giving us mad #SquadGoals, Sailor Moon is literally the girl we wanted to be—from her bangs that casually forms a heart, to her long af pig tails, down to her superpowers. It’s perfect. She’s perfect.

Most memorable scene: “PARURUSAHAN KITA SA NGALAN NG BUWAN!!!”