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21 Snacks Every Filipino Grade Schooler Had In Their Lunchbox

Trading baon > trading Pokémon cards.

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2. Golden Sweet Corn

Twitter: @kadsCaliber_45

What it is: Crunchy and sweet corn-flavored balls. Another attempt to make ~healthy~ snacks for kids.

Why you love it: Because now you can get away with eating chichirya because it's corn naman, 'di ba?


8. Dingdong

Twitter: @migitta

What it is: Dingdong *sniggers* is a bag of mixed nuts with peanuts, green peas, corn chips, etc.

Why you love it: It's less hassle and matipid kasi you get to have a little bit of everything with each mouthful.


13. Mik-mik Powder

Twitter: @heyheyelly

What it is: A sweetened milk powder you eat with a straw — and that makes ALL the difference. Also comes in milk chocolate flavor.

Why you love it: Even though you almost died when you sipped the powder too hard that one time, you never learn your lesson and finish the whole package anyway.

14. Haw Haw Milk Candy

Twitter: @memeyreyes

What it is: Also a sweetened milk snack, but instead of powder, this one is a tiny solid block of it.

Why you love it: Dissolving this in a warm glass of water made you feel like a scientist about to unveil your latest discovery.


17. Bazooka Bubble Gum

Twitter: @gamesyouloved

What it is: Pink chewing gum na mukhang bareta ng sabon.

Why you love it: Collecting and trading the comic strips on Bazooka wrappers was a regular activity between friends. Remember Bazooka Joe?

18. Nata de Coco

Twitter: @pauleanabelarde

What it is: Coconut jelly that comes in different colors and flavors. Usually served frozen or chilled.

Why you love it: Because now you don't have to pick and hoard your favorite ingredient on Tita Baby's fruit salad anymore. Ito na s'ya, packaged just for you!


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