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    20 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Jollibee

    More like, JOLLIBAE.

    1. You get a weekly craving for Chicken Joy.

    2. Every time you go out, you have an inner struggle about whether to eat somewhere fancy or just go to Jollibee.


    And you almost always go for Jollibee. Which isn't a bad thing, tbh.

    3. You die inside when the lady at the counter says there's no more thigh part.

    4. The Jollibee delivery guy is your personal hero.

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    ***Not all heroes wear capes.***

    5. When they ask you to wait for 12 minutes for your Chicken Joy and you're pissed off (but you always wait anyway).

    @IndividNoellism / Twitter: @_maryjoylo

    6. And you're always willing to pay for extra gravy.

    7. You seriously thought the world was ending when #ChickenSad happened.

    Star Cinema

    8. You always get excited at the beginning of the year because JOLLIBEE COUPONS!!!

    9. All you really want for your birthday is to have a Jollibee party β€” even though you're, like, 23.

    10. There are days when you don't know whether to get Chicken Joy or Burger Steak, so you get both instead.

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    11. And there are the other days when you have so much food at home, but then you're like, "I WANT JOLLIBEE NOW."

    12. When the Ultimate Burger Steak first came out, you were like, "Eww, that's too much." But then you order it anyway because it's still Jollibee.

    13. When someone asks if you want anything for pasalubong, you're like, "OH BOY, DO I?!?!?!"

    Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

    14. And they know what your ~usual~ is.

    Twitter: @donatilano

    C3 + extra rice + pineapple juice + peach mango pie. Always.

    15. Nothing breaks your heart more than this photo does.

    16. Jollibee is such a huge part of your life that you pray for it.

    17. The thought of Jollibee is what keeps you up all night.

    18. In fact, it's all you ever want or need in this earthly life.

    19. And of course, Jollibee is your bae.

    Twitter: @curtneeey

    As in, Jollibae.

    20. Because with Jollibee, #MayForever.

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