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    21 Photos Of Green Mangoes That'll Make You Drool

    *tries not to lose it* *loses it*

    Let's start simple: don't these fresh green mangoes make your mouth water?

    How about now?

    No? How about this cart of craving inducers?

    Need something to wipe that drool with?

    Just look at this match made in heaven.

    Such beauty.

    Such symmetry.

    @TeamLafang Manggang hilaw😋 Anong masarap i-partner? #TeamLafang 😁

    Wow... *slurps*

    There are times you crave it with bagoong.

    Or with chili salt.

    But most of the time, you want the best of both worlds.

    Yessss YEEESSSSSS.


    Whatever the fuck is going on in here, you know you want it.

    🎶Balutin mo ako ng hiwaga ng iyong pagmamahaaaal🎶

    Look at this combination of basically all the best things in life.

    And this bag full of sunshine and hopes and dreams.

    Or this saliva factory disguised as a mangga't bagoong sandwich?

    Does this make you wanna go out and look for the nearest manong vendor?

    Do it. Nobody's stopping you.

    You're welcome.