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If Pinoy Foods Were Served At 5-Star Restaurants

The bamboo stick furthest from your plate is meant for the first course.

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Isabelle Laureta / BuzzFeed

1. "This decadent pink banana slush is garnished with a chocolate syrup and powdered milk."

AKA Iskrambol. Get the recipe.

2. "Try these banana and jackfruit spring rolls drizzled with caramel sauce."

3. "You have a choice of either roasted pork or chicken entrails served with a piquant vinegar relish."

Flickr: supermdmd / Creative Commons

AKA Isaw. Get the recipe.


4. "This barbecued chicken trotter kabob is served in a light soy sauce marinade."

5. "Here we have pureed cod meat balls that come with either a sweet soy sauce fondue or a spicy onion vinaigrette."

AKA Fishballs. Get the recipe.

6. "Today's special is twice-cooked crispy pork mesentery served with a side of seasoned vinegar."

AKA Chicharon Bulaklak. Get the recipe.

7. "Enjoy this freshly-hatched chicken in an annatto oil dressing."

AKA One Day Old. Get the recipe.


8. "This quail egg tempura is served in an orange batter and best dipped in a concoction of vinegar, onions, and peppers."

AKA Kwek-Kwek. Get the recipe.

9. "Here we have grilled black pudding cubes in a spiced vinegar sauce."

10. "Why don't you try our roasted prime sweet pork ears in our special house sauce?"

11. "These skewered fried plantains are coated with caramelized brown sugar."

AKA Banana Cue. Get the recipe.


12. "Enjoy our best-seller—a hard-boiled duck egg surprise seasoned either salt or vinegar and garlic dip."

13. "For dessert we have in-season fruits in a sorbet of coconut milk served in either sugar wafer cones or bread buns."

AKA Sorbetes. Get the recipe.

14. "Enjoy a halved and skewered sour mango seasoned to taste with spiced salts and shrimp paste."

AKA Mangga't Bagoong. Get the recipe.

15. "For dessert, might I suggest soybean curd and tapioca pearls floating in brown sugar syrup?"