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30 Reasons Why Popoy From "One More Chance" Is The Worst

There, I said it.

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1. He didn’t trust Basha when she said nakitae lang s’ya sa condo ni Francis when he himself was sharing the same room with Helen.


3. He ridiculed Basha’s passion for making t-shirts.

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4. He jumped into conclusions and made a scene with the whole Mark situation.

5. He totally used Tricia to get over Basha.

6. He had sex with Basha while he was still with Tricia.

7. And when he couldn’t lie to himself anymore, he abandoned her like a mo’fucker.

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8. He has no concept of work-life balance. Who sets an alarm at 1AM to work! Nabitin tuloy si Basha!

9. He mocked Basha when she was becoming miserable and asked for some space.

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10. S’ya dapat ang laging masusunod kaya nag kotse na lang si Basha kaysa mag-MRT.

11. Also, why would you make your girlfriend ride the MRT? WHY DO YOU HATE HER SO MUCH!?!??!?!

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12. He tells more stuff about his life to Helen than his fucking girlfriend—nay—fiancé.

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13. He always turns a blind eye from the problems within their relationship.

14. And he completely blamed Basha for breaking his heart.

15. THEN he totally went MIA on his friends when they broke up.

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16. Nakalimutan n’yang magbayad ng Meralco.

17. Binasag n’ya ‘yung mga bagong biling baso ni Basha (tongue twister much??).

18. RIGHT AFTER complaining that they don’t have much money. Problema mo??

19. He went into a downward spiral and completely relied on Basha to fix his fuck ups even though Basha had a lot going on too (i.e. her miscarriage)

20. He goes to sulking instead of trying to fix things when they get into an argument. REAL MATURE, POY.

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21. Plus—let’s face it—he’s an inefficient boss who always bites more than he can chew.

22. Buti sana kung on time magpa-sweldo, BUT NOOOOOOOO.

23. He kept Basha in the dark about the huge debt their company (WHICH THEY BUILT!!! TOGETHER!!! MEANING BASHA IS A CO-OWNER!!!!) is facing.

24. And his defense mechanism is to be sarcastic, uncommunicative, and defensive.

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25. He projected his frustrations about work on Basha giving her the impression that there’s something wrong with her. HUHU.

26. He sulked and became so insecure when all Basha was doing was saving the company and cleaning up after his fuck ups.

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27. He went out with his ex-FWB until 4AM.

28. And Basha had to find out about it through Facebook tagged photos.

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29. He’s the one who had the gall to say sana hindi na lang sila nagkabalikan. WOW KOYA.

30. And finally—and the most vicious thing of all—HE😡NEVER😡LET😡BASHA😡EAT😡CHICKEN😡JOY😡SKIN😡

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H/t Tristan Zinampan