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    20 Times Alden Richards Proved He's The Ultimate Bae

    He isn't called "Pambansang Bae" for nothing.

    1. When he didn't need to show skin to show how hot he is.

    2. But when Alden did show skin, it felt like angels singing.

    3. When he flawlessly undressed and smirked in this photo shoot.

    Belo Medical Group

    4. When he walked down the stage slathered in body oil for CosmoPH's Bachelor Bash back in 2013.

    Courtesy of CosmoPH / Via

    5. Which was quite OK, tbh.

    6. When he was so tired from a production rehearsal but still managed to smile.

    TAPE Inc.

    7. When he showed his sensitive, kid-loving side.

    TAPE Inc.

    8. And when the kids loved him back.

    Baste and Samsam with Bae Alden. #ALDUB14thWeeksary

    9. When he basically loves everyone, even the "elderly".

    10. When he was the perfect gentleman to his love team, Yaya Dub.

    TAPE Inc.

    11. And when he cared so much, he bought all the fruits at the supermarket.

    Facebook: EBdabarkads

    SABI NYA DAW, "Get well soon!" 😍

    12. When he got emotional dedicating a song.

    TAPE Inc.

    13. When he knew how to make a girl smile.

    TAPE Inc.

    14. When he wasn't afraid to look silly around the person he liked.

    TAPE Inc.

    15. When he asked a seemingly innocent question.

    TAPE Inc.

    "Anong favorite food mo?"

    "Isaw ng manok."

    16. And gave her isaw the next day.

    TAPE Inc.

    17. When he made laps in a six-foot-deep pool to prove his love.

    TAPE Inc.
    TAPE Inc.

    "Gagawin ko 'to para sa 'tin." Haaaaaaay~

    18. And looked like it was nothing right after.

    19. And finally, when he showed us how to make long-distance relationships work.

    Puro on-screen kiss na lang ba? Wala bang actual dyan? HAHAHAHA #ALDUBHALFWayThere

    20. And how good it feels when you finally see the person you've been longing for.

    TAPE Inc.

    God gave you to us, Alden. 🙌

    Never change. 💖

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