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    18 Filipino '90s Birthday Party Things That'll Give You Intense Flashbacks

    Ain't no party like a Jollibee Birthday Party.

    1. This breathtaking artwork: hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks.

    2. Pancit, of course, para mahaba ang buhay.

    3. S'yempre, lumpia.

    4. Filipino-style spaghetti with cut-up hotdogs.

    5. Some meat in tomato sauce — and you're not sure if it's kaldereta or mechado or afritada.

    6. Pork BBQ!

    7. And for dessert, fruit salad: AKA canned fruit in cream and condensed milk.

    8. Personalized cake from Goldilocks!

    9. And all the kids fighting over the sugar flowers on the icing.

    10. A game of hampas palayok.

    11. And then pabitin right after.

    12. Which was when friendships were tested and you found out who your true friends were.

    13. All for the price of Potchi candy.

    14. And White Rabbit.

    15. There were safer games like pahabaan ng "Happy Birthday."

    16. And when the hosts couldn't think of anything else, there was always the classic game of Bring Me.

    17. And of course, your childhood wouldn't be complete without your very own JOLLIBEE BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

    18. AKA best birthday ever!