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    21 Things You Used To Do With Your Nokia 3310 Phone Back In The Day


    1. Sung the opening tune in your head while watching your phone turn on.

    2. Played Snake for hours and hours until nanay told you tigilan mo na kaka-selpon mo.

    3. And if you were one of them cool kids, you played Snake using only two buttons.

    4. Played rounds of Space Impact in between just to break the cycle.

    5. Only to find out that your phone didn't even feel those hours of playing.

    6. Composed your own ringtone because you're that extra.

    7. Woke up the whole neighborhood with your 999dB alert tone.

    8. Made pa-cute to your crush using elaborate emoticons.

    9. Picked which text messages to delete and which ones were worthy to take up your phone's itty-bitty memory.

    10. Changed your friend's phone's language into something they couldn't understand because you were evil and badass.

    11. And while you were at it, removed the phone's case and keypad while it was still open just to see what would happen.

    12. Got inexplicably nervous that your precious phone might be locked forever.

    13. Used only the best and top-of-the-line cases to protect your phone.

    14. And put on some phone charms because why the heck not?

    15. Basically just protected your 3310 at all costs as if it needed any protection in the first place.

    16. Wrecked your face when it fell on you while were using it lying down.

    17. Felt like a badass when texting even with your eyes closed.

    18. Mastered the art of no-look texting to do ~illegal~ stuff.

    19. But also got yourself in trouble because the noises the phone made when you pressed the keys ratted you out.

    20. Argued with your bae through text, only to receive an incomplete message with "*some text missing*" written at the end of it and you had to wait until you replied.

    21. And finally, fixed any phone issue (in the very rare cases you actually had one) using only a piece of folded paper.