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    16 Stunning Nipa Huts That's Basically Your Dream House

    Sa paligid-ligid ay puno ng ganda.

    1. This one that's right in the middle of a pristine beach.

    2. This one that's basically your dream rest house.

    3. Or this one that looks straight out of a children's book.

    4. This one that's practically a piece of heaven in the middle of the woods.

    5. Or this one that's perfect for throwing parties.

    6. This humble one that screams "simple living."

    7. This one that's eerie and beautiful at the same time.

    8. Or this one that proves saving space doesn't mean you have to skimp on ~aesthetics~.

    9. This one in Boracay that'll make every waking moment priceless.

    10. And this one that'll make afternoon naps extraordinary.

    Flickr: roslynyoungrosalia / Creative Commons

    11. Just imagine entertaining your friends with drinks and snacks in this living room.

    12. And going to bed feeling casually like royalty in this bedroom.

    Flickr: roslynyoungrosalia / Creative Commons

    13. This one with an breathtaking view from its equally breathtaking balcony.

    14. This one that's so huge, it's basically a mansion.

    15. This one with a modern spin on it.

    16. And finally, this one where you don't have to worry about having neighbors.

    1. So, do you still wanna live in a modern house?

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    So, do you still wanna live in a modern house?
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      Hell no. Bahay kubo, sign me the fuck up!
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      Yep, sorry. Modernity is my shit.
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      IDK, lemme think about it.

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