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    Reminder: This Was Life In The Philippines In 2006

    Encantadia ended a decade ago.

    1. Jericho Rosales looked like he was both an agent of good and evil.

    Also, Echo and Heart. *sobs*

    2. John Lloyd Cruz parted his hair weird and his weird hair part had highlights.

    Now he's got a badass shaved head for the movie Honor Thy Father.

    3. Paulo Avelino was still a baby.

    Now, he's... um... grown.

    4. Sam Milby had an issue with shirt sleeves.

    And now, he's just the definition of style.

    5. Kim Chiu won the first ever Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition.

    6. And Yeng Constantino was catapulted to fame when she won Pinoy Dream Academy.

    You guys remember If We Fall In Love???

    7. BB Gandanghari came out during her stay at the Pinoy Big Brother house.

    8. The third and final installment of iconic TV show Encantadia ended.

    9. The iconic John Lloyd Cruz-Bea Alonzo movie was released.

    10. Also, Piolo Pascual sported long hair in his movie with Judy Ann Santos, Don't Give Up On Us.

    11. Layered statement necklaces were the latest fashion trend.

    12. Teenagers saved their allowances so they could decorate their bags with button pins.

    Artistic expression pa more.

    13. Also, chunky headbands were a huge* hit.

    14. Even Kathryn Bernardo, who was basically just a fetus in 2006, sported chunky headbands galore.

    Apparently, Bratz dolls were a big thing then, too.

    15. Alternative OPM bands topped the charts.


    16. And a tribute album to the classic singing group Apo Hiking Society was released.

    17. But the biggest hit was, no doubt, Narda by Kamikazee.

    18. Our hearts were still intact because One More Chance wasn't a thing yet.

    19. And finally, somebody thought having this article title for a teen magazine was a great idea.