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    31 Things From Target You’ll Wear So Often, They’ll Practically Pay For Themselves

    Invest in your wardrobe's future.

    1. A knit tank dress that *delivers* on seasonal versatility! You can wear this dress alone while relaxing on a hot summer day, or style it for your favorite fall activities by pairing it with a denim jacket and your favorite pair of booties.

    2. A sweater-vest, because what's a better way to pay homage to the fashion of the '90s? This sweater works with or without a collared shirt underneath; paired with light-wash denim jeans and your favorite pair of platform sandals, it will quickly become your go-to outfit this fall.

    3. A pair of high-rise straight-leg jeans that will keep you feeling cozy and looking chic time and time (and time and time) again.

    4. A balloon-sleeve tiered maxi dress, because what's better than wearing a dress (and by that I mean not wearing pants) almost every single day? Wearing a dress that looks put-together yet feels as cozy as your favorite band tee, that's what!

    5. A long-sleeve peplum top that feels like loungewear, yet looks polished enough to wear to work or out. You'll see yourself rocking this everywhere you go — from the office to a romantic dinner date with your boo.

    model wearing the blouse in blue

    6. A scoop-neck baby doll blouse, just in case your WFH situation contains many Zoom conference calls where you *must* have your camera on. Throwing this shirt on is the easiest way to create a pulled-together look just minutes before your daily string of meetings.

    model wearing an embroidered shirt in purple

    7. A chic deep-V sweater that is serving major ~effortless Parisian cool~ vibes. This stylish yet cozy sweater might just make you forget that you *do* have other clothes to wear in your closet!

    8. A gold-coin medallion bracelet, if you're looking to accessorize with eclectic style. This bracelet is simple yet captivatingly unique, making it perfect for everyday wear.

    a model wearing a gold coin medallion bracelet

    9. A distressed denim miniskirt, because who *wouldn't* want to wear a piece of clothing this cute every single day? Minis like this are a total multi-season closet MVP — they provide a breeze on hot summer days but can quickly act as a fall layer when the temperature starts to drop.

    model wearing the denim skirt in a light wash

    10. A puff-sleeve seersucker dress that will give you a prairie-chic edge as you return to the office *and* spruce up your style while hanging out with friends on a Saturday night.

    11. A pair of cropped jeans, because denim forms to a person's body over time, meaning that the more you wear these stylish jeans, the cozier they will become.

    12. A balloon-sleeve blouse that makes *almost* as much of a statement as you do. This blouse pairs equally well with jeans or a work skirt.

    model wearing the blouse in a orange and white floral design

    13. A crewneck pullover sweater, because everyone needs a go-to sweater they can pair with virtually everything.

    model wearing the sweater in pale yellow

    14. A pair of high-rise paper bag–waist tapered jeans that'll add subdued color and subtle trendiness to every single one of your outfits.

    15. A ruffle-sleeve sweater-vest, because cottagecore is the thing, but the actual fabrics they used to create those cute looks in the 19th century were really uncomfortable. Thankfully, this soft-knit sweater-vest delivers on the prairie-esque style, while feeling as cozy as your favorite sweater.

    model wearing the sweater vest with ruffled sleeves in green

    16. A tie-front flutter top that feels so comfy and looks so elegant, you will NEVER want to take this off! For real, it'll take the Jaws of Life to pry you from this thing.

    model wearing satin tie-front blouse in rose

    17. A pearl pendant necklace because a single pearl pendant is great for everyday wear, but is also elegant enough to transition to nights out.

    a gold chain with a pearl pendant and a small gemstone

    18. A pair of straight cropped jeans that are perfect for daily wear, all year round. What I'm basically saying is, yes, you have permission to wear these every single day.

    19. A mock turtleneck, because what's better than wearing a turtleneck? Wearing one with a mock neckline that does ~everything~ for your style while never constricting your neck.

    model wearing the mock turtleneck in camel

    20. A breezy V-neck blouse that is the perfect addition to the section of your closet dedicated to Sunday Funday. You can pair this with linen pants for a beach day, or wear it to the zoo with a midi skirt.

    model wearing the blouse in yellow

    21. A pair of tie-dye joggers, since "loungewear" essentially means clothes to wear while catching your favorite episodes. Why not look THIS cute while tuning into some New Girl?

    22. A round-chain-link gold-plated bracelet that you'll wear so often, you'll start to feel bare on the days you forgot it at home.

    a gold round chain link bracelet on a model

    23. A chic pajama set, because yes, you deserve to look stylish *even* while fast asleep every night.

    model in the pajama set in black and white

    24. A basic white tee, since a white T-shirt will ALWAYS be in constant rotation in everyone's closet. White T-shirts are great because you can wear them with your favorite pair of jeans, make them a part of your cozy at-home ensembles, or even layer them under a blazer for a streamlined look. All the possibilities you can ever hope for, and guess what? It costs under 10 bucks.

    a model wearing a basic white tee

    25. A cozy open-front cardigan sweater that'll basically feel like you're wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket all day long.

    an image of the cardigan in camel

    26. A pair of moisture-wicking high-rise leggings with hidden pockets, because leggings make you want to wear them time and time again — they are comfortable enough for going on long morning runs, yet cute enough to wear while running errands in town. How many clothing items can pack a punch like a solid pair of leggings?!

    27. A textured pullover sweater so you'll have something that will look great with every single skirt you own, while keeping you feeling as cozy and warm as your favorite blanket.

    28. A puff-sleeved shirt sweater to add a dash of chic to any outfit you wear. This top will keep you warm and stylish all fall and winter long.

    model wearing shirt sweater in blue

    29. A pair of ankle-length paper-bag trousers that'll help you look like a style icon and feel totally comfortable! These will quickly make their way into your rotation.

    30. A leopard-print short-sleeve shirtdress, because the best staples are both stylish and comfortable. This dress SERVES fashion with its printed design, and feels as cozy as an oversized button-up.

    31. And a pair of drawstring tie-dye shorts, because summer is not over just yet. Consider adding these shorts to your nightly post-dinner comfy fits or your workout rotation.

    model wearing blue tie dye shorts

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