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    27 Things From Target You'll Never Want To Travel Without Once You Try Them

    I need these for every bag I own.

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    1. A box of pimple patches, because who has the time to wait for a pimple to heal on its own?! These hydrocolloid patches draw pus out of zits overnight to speed up the life cycle of a breakout. Plus, they're SO easy to just pop into your ditty bag for those unwelcome zits that appear while traveling.

    2. A travel flatware set that is the GENIUS solution to all your meal worries. This nifty set includes every utensil you'll need for your hotel takeout orders when you'd prefer not to use plastic cutlery.

    3. A pair of noise-canceling headphones, because an airplane's engine is an exciting indicator that your trip is about to start — but, boy, is it loud! I typically can't sleep if there are loud noises around me, so I use these headphones to drown out plane noises during red-eye flights.

    a person adjusting the volume by tapping the side of their headphones

    4. An iconic blending sponge that can apply concealer and foundation, blend blush, and even smoke out eyeshadow for a hazy effect. This is the beauty tool that can do it all — it's pretty easy to clean, and takes up almost no room in your cosmetic pouch, making it perfect for packing for a trip.

    a person holding the sponge in their hand

    5. A bright skater dress because there are so many places that are already experiencing warmer weather! If you find yourself traveling to a tropical climate like Tulum, consider this airy dress for comfy feels and chic looks.

    front view of model wearing the dress in a mustard with white daisy design

    6. A Poo-Pourri toilet spray, because when nature calls, its calling at full volume! Store this in your carry-on if you're off to stay with distant relatives, but don't want them, ahem, *sensing* your #2.

    a person placing the poo-pourri bottle into their backpack

    7. A tinted moisturizing lip balm that DELIVERS on color while moisturizing your lips. This is a great 2-in-1 product to have if your luggage simply can't fit your entire vanity.

    a model wearing the lip balm in "Fuller Fig"

    8. A complete manicure kit, because your manicurist likely won't be traveling with you. This set is great for long trips (or if you're temporarily moving to a new country!) because it has every tool you'll need to get a salon-quality manicure in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room).

    the full kit next to its carrying case

    9. A power bank with integrated cords, because there is NOTHING worse than having your e-reader die on a trip JUST when the story was getting good. This power bank has various charging cords which'll work with your phone, wireless headphones, tablet, and even laptops.

    the power bank charging a phone

    10. A sheet mask that contains glycerin, aloe, and sodium hyaluronate to go deep down into your skin for a dewy glow. This mask is made from Tencel — a sheer fabric that retains moisture. That means that you don't have to worry about your mask drying up in a dry airplane.

    11. A travel-sized lint roller that's pretty much your saving grace if you almost exclusively wear black — especially since most hotel rooms don't provide lint rollers! This is great to have when getting ready for exciting dinners in a foreign country with your boo.

    the travel sized lint roller

    12. A pair of breezy high-rise cotton shorts to pair with a white top and gold accessories for when you're jetting off to sunny Mykonos.

    front view of the model wearing the shorts in green

    13. A hand and foot cream to soothe your chapped hands and dry heels for baby-soft skin 24/7. This is great for packing into your toiletries bag if you're traveling to a cool climate that makes your skin in desperate need of constant hydration.

    a person applying the cream to their hand

    14. A handy wide-tooth comb that's pretty much the key to success when combing wavy, curly, and coily hair. I use this comb during the conditioner part of my shower and it helps to smooth out my curls with minimal damage and make knots a thing of the past. And the best part? It'll pack easily into your overnight bag so that you'll never have to deal with frizz during your trip to the tropics.

    the brush against dried plants

    15. A color correcting cream in case you prefer a bit of coverage wherever you go without needing to wear foundation. This CC cream evens out the complexion and mattifies the skin before concealer application. Oh, and it includes niacinamide, a skincare ingredient that'll lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation over time — isn't that neat?

    the tube of CC cream

    16. An Amazon Kindle e-reader, because who has the luggage space for a pile of books? An e-reader is a great way to have hundreds of books right at your fingertips without taking up precious suitcase space!

    the e-reader on a desk displaying the first page of Ready Player One

    17. A clear skin SPF 60 sunscreen, because rain or shine, sleet or snow, wherever you are in the world — you MUST wear sunscreen every day! If you're reluctant to use sunscreen on your acne-prone skin, have no fear: this oil-free sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful UV rays without causing breakouts.

    the bottle of sunscreen

    18. A dry shampoo since travel can last longer than the time it takes for your roots to become oily. If you're meeting a long-lost friend after your 16-hour plane ride, this will be your saving grace for looking presentable after landing.

    the dry shampoo in its bottle next to decor

    19. A serum stick to keep your skin clear and glowing all year round. This formula contains green micro-algae and lactic acid to minimize breakouts, while calendula flower replenishes the skin with its hydrating and soothing properties. And what's best? It's in stick form, meaning you won't have to worry about product spillage during travel.

    20. A cute embroidered sweatshirt, because everyone wears their best 'fits while traveling! This is great to wear to a cooler place like Reykjavík while still being stylish.

    front view of model wearing the sweater in mint with green, pink, and white floral details on the elbows

    21. A cozy knit throw blanket, because Linus had a point — there is NO reason you shouldn't bring your favorite blanket everywhere. Wrap yourself in it during your next road trip or on chilly plane rides.

    22. A makeup bag that's pretty spacious and will fit your various eyeliners, lipsticks, and brow pomades while adding a cute design to your carry-on setup. If you don't wear makeup, that's fine! This is also great for packing toiletries and medicine for your next vacay.

    a cow print makeup bag

    23. A spring water face spray, because hydrating throughout the day is the name of the game when it comes to keeping your skin soft and dewy! This spray is pretty much all I use during long flights since plane air can be so dehydrating.

    the spray in its bottle

    24. A pair of pull-on slipper socks that feel like walking on clouds. I have these and they are SO easy to fold up and throw into my overnight bag whenever I visit my parents.

    the slipper sock in ivory

    25. A set of jaw hair clips so that you can keep your hair out of your face without having to pack an entire zip-lock bag of bobby pins and hair ties. Plus, a hair clip is what you'll need for a French twist, which is pretty fitting if you're on your way to Paris!

    the clips in black and brown

    26. A pair of pin-tuck ankle pants, since everyone needs that one pair of cool, relaxed pants in their luggage. These pants are comfy enough to wear for hours, making them great for wandering around new cities.

    27. And a soft weekender bag, because you'll need a place to store all your new travel goodies. When you're not using this bag for vacations, it also works well as a gym bag or even a reusable shopping bag!

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