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    31 Things From Target That’ll Help Make Your Weekly Routine A Lot Less Stressful

    Because "minimizing the daily grind" is always a great thing to put on your to-do list.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A six-cube organizer shelf that will quickly become the new hot spot in your home to display all your favorite novels, records, board games, and anything else that needs to shown off/picked up off the floor.

    a white shelf with two rows of three 13-inch cubes, resulting in six cubes

    2. A rechargeable Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush to make your dental hygienist wonder if you've been seeing other people. You'll tell them that you haven't — you've just been using an electric toothbrush that removes up to seven times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. And the best part? It's a mere fraction of the price of other electric toothbrushes.

    a model holding the toothbrush

    3. A two-shelf floor lamp so that you can light up your reading nook and provide a home for the current books in your book club rotation.

    a floor lamp with a white cube lampshade and two black metal shelves

    4. An exfoliating foot peel to bring your dry soles, cracked heels, and bunions back to a state of baby-soft perfection. I use this foot peel quarterly to give my sore feet a much needed rejuvenation.

    the box with a picture of the foot peel mask and a before and after photo

    5. A sleek stainless-steel electronic salt and pepper mill set, because nothing beats freshly cracked black pepper seasoning some freshly grilled goodies. And with the grinder's electronic buttons, you'll never have to grind whole pepper seeds or coarse salt by hand again.

    a stainless steel electric pepper grinder hovering over a plate of sliced squash

    6. An iced coffee maker with a reusable filter, so you won't have to buy single-use filters ever again. Plus, this device pours iced coffee straight into your receptacle of choice — a mug, a thermos, or the included reusable tumbler — making it perfect for those who caffeinate on the go.

    7. A jacquard blackout curtain panel, because although the sun through your window feels great when you're getting ready for the day, it is no friend when you're trying to sleep for another hour. Consider these stylish curtains to add pizzazz to your space while also keeping things dark enough to sleep.

    a set of gray and white jacquard print blackout curtains in a room

    8. An electric throw blanket that stays warm for hours on end, meaning you'll never again have to worry about cold toes while binge-watching your favorite shows.

    Woman sitting under the blanket

    9. A two-tier lazy Susan with adjustable height, because removing all your pantry items just to reach that one little jar of turmeric hiding in the back is such an unnecessary annoyance. But why designate this turntable just to the pantry? It works great to organize skincare or beauty items, too!

    The two-tier turntable in white

    10. A set of 10 collapsable hangers that each hold up to five articles of clothing at a time, and hangs vertically to make those five pieces take up the space of one. If you have a tiny closet, this is an essential.

    11. A set of 14 reusable silicone lids so that you can say goodbye to single-use plastic wrap for good. These silicone lids aren't just for use with storage containers — you can also place them over serving bowls to preserve leftovers with ease, or wrap them around citrus fruits and avocados to prevent oxidation.

    The set of 14 reusable silicone lids in blue and clear

    12. A 10-in-1 styling spray, just in case your hair WON'T COOPERATE in the morning, despite your best efforts. This product detangles, softens, smoothes, and even heat-protects all hair types, with just a few spritzes.

    13. A woven cane basket with handles to store your throw pillows and blankets or keep your dirty laundry in one aesthetically pleasing place.

    14. A micro-plush weighted blanket with a machine washable cover, because as the sun sets earlier and earlier each day, you'll need something that will help you ease through the changing of the season. This weighted blanket is great for slipping into a relaxed state of mind, while also keeping you warm with its soft ~micro-plush~ texture.

    the blanket in dark red

    15. A three-shelf closet organizer to help you conjure some storage space in your tiny city apartment. Consider stacking your larger pieces in here, like your sweaters and denim, to maximize your closet space.

    16. A 6-quart Dutch oven, because nothing says "fall" like warming up with a nice, hearty stew (or soup, or bread, or pasta — the list of foods you can make with this goes on and on). A Dutch oven is essentially the one pot that can do it all, so consider investing in this for all your cooking and baking needs.

    a red dutch oven in front of a dutch rest

    17. A clear acrylic drawer organizer so that you'll never have to ask, "Where are my reusable straws?!" ever again.

    18. A Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum that automatically goes to town on crumbs, hair, fur, and dust on its own, while you take care of other, more pressing matters on your WFH to-do list. You can use the vacuum's app to create cleaning schedules.

    a black robot vacuum cleaning under the legs of a chair

    19. A charging station with multiple USB ports, so you can keep all the cables for your phone, tablet, gaming device, and wireless earbuds in one place, and never have to struggle to find a free outlet.

    20. A botanical print comfort mat, because, yes, comfortable things should feel good, but they should look good, too! Consider this comfort mat if your hard kitchen floors wreak havoc on your knees while you wash dishes, and if your current plain black comfort mat wreaks havoc on your interior design taste.

    a botanical print bath mat under a sink

    21. A waste and recycling bin and pullout shelf set, so you can not only separate your waste from your recyclables with ease, but also hide your refuse easily, improving your kitchen's aesthetics.

    a garbage and recycling bin on a metal rack that pulls out of a kitchen cabinet

    22. A dry-erase calendar board to ensure that you'll never miss that oh so important Zoom meeting again. The board's surface is magnetic, and the attached corkboard provides a place to store permission slips, bills, and any other pieces of paper you need to keep track of.

    a dry-erase calendar board hanging above a bed

    23. A drawer organizer because there is nothing more Marie Kondo than having individual compartments for even your tiniest day-to-day garments. These dividers can work well for socks, underwear, tights, or even some larger items, like T-shirts.

    24. A tiered metal utility cart that is perfect for those who need extra organization but also want to add a minimalist design touch to their space. This utility cart is great for extra gadgets in the kitchen, holding cosmetics near your vanity, or even acting as linen storage in your bathroom.

    the utility cart in white

    25. A ruled Moleskine notebook, because keeping all your tasks written down in one place is the easiest way to ensure that you actually complete your daily goals (instead of getting distracted by TikTok and forgetting about all of them).

    26. An 18-oz plastic frosted tumbler that's hard to break — ideal if you have small kids or are just prone to some butter-fingers moments yourself. They come in six colors, so consider getting one of each to add an extra flair to your dining room table.

    a pink matter plastic tumbler

    27. A pack of 20 floral-print disposable plates, for days when you want a total Wes Anderson aesthetic but are also hosting a gathering so large, you know trying to do it all with regular plates would be a fool's errand.

    a paper plate with pink flowers and green leaves on them

    28. A handheld vacuum, because pet hair is one of the most difficult types of debris to clean up, especially with a broom. With one of these small-but-mighty gems, with just a wave of a hand, you can clean up any crumbs, hairs, and dust from your furniture, counters, hardwood floors, and rugs.

    a handheld vacuum cleaning pet hair off a couch

    29. A bamboo stacking shelf so that you can finally organize your counter space and make it look like a cool café. This shelf is great for organizing your coffee setup, but also works in cupboards to create more space for glasses and plates.

    a bamboo shelve in a counter holding plates and hovering over mugs

    30. A pair of silicone oven mitts with grips to make sure you protect your hands and have a good grip on hot pots and pans — because there's nothing worse than a hot pot of freshly cooked ravioli suddenly slipping out of your grasp.

    a pair of dark grey silicone kitchen gloves

    31. And a tiered makeup organizer so that you can keep all your palettes, single shadows, crème blushes, and bronzing compacts all in one place. Not that into makeup? That's OK — this organizer can work wonders at a home office or crafting station.

    a tiered makeup organizer on a vanity desk

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