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    20 Things From Amazon That Make Perfect Gifts

    Gifts that you'll want to keep all to yourself.

    1. A multi-use nonstick pan that comes with a steaming basket so that your bestie can make any meal they desire in their new digs! They can use this one pan for everything from creating a delicious French omelet to steaming their favorite veggies.

    the pan in cream

    2. A Brightland Artist Capsule that comes with four different infused olive oils — like lemon, basil, garlic, and chili pepper — so that your parents can add brightness, depth, or a little heat to any of their meals. Honestly, even having these gorgeous oils with a great piece of sourdough is enough to make this one of the best gifts they'll receive.

    the olive oil set

    3. A Dingbats hardcover notebook that has a cute animal printed on the front! If your pal loves bullet journaling and loves practically anything dedicated to their favorite animal, this hardcover journal is just what they need.

    4. A Dazzle Dry nail polish kit that I personally swear by for a salon-quality manicure in a flash. This nail polish dries in mere minutes (but actually, minutes) and lasts a while — perfect for the person on your list who has just a few moments in their day for "me time."

    5. A Waterpik water flosser, since the gift of immaculate dental hygiene is great for everyone! This machine uses pressurized water to get rid of every last speck of plaque from even the hardest-to-each areas of their mouth. Oh, and it's great for those with braces, too!

    a corded waterpik waterflosser on a counter

    6. A Fly by Jing Triple Threat variety pack, because giving the gift of perfect seasoning is always welcome. This set comes with a crispy Sichuan chili oil that adds texture and heat, Zhong sauce that has both sweet and umami notes, and a Mala spice mix that they can sprinkle onto anything!

    7. A SmileDirectClub teeth-whitening kit reviewers say causes an instant difference after just one use! This kit uses LED light which is far gentler than whitening strips — perfect for the person you love who wants bright pearly whites but doesn't want to do too much damage to their enamel.

    before and after photos of a reviewer using this product

    8. A liquid motion sensory toy for anyone who either loves nostalgic items that'll bring them back to their childhood or are in need of a satisfying break during their stressful daily to-do list!

    a reviewer's photo of the bubbler toy

    9. A color-changing blush oil that just landed a deal with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, and for a good reason, too. This TikTok cult-favorite blush oil is green upon application and adjusts to the perfect shade of pink for your specific skin tone. And since it's an oil, this blush adds a dewy glow to your complexion almost instantly.

    a reviewer wearing the blush

    10. A set of wooden spoons because trust me, if your giftee is a fan of mukbangs, then they DEFINITELY have a set of wooden spoons on their Amazon wish list. These spoons are about the same size as a typical tablespoon, meaning they'll be able to enjoy all the rice bowls, soups, and even cereals with this set.

    a person holding one of the spoons

    11. A portable LED beauty light that'll last for up to 20,000 hours without burning out or dimming *and* has a 10x magnifier! Now, your giftee will have perfect lighting — whether they're traveling (because hotel lighting can be a nightmare sometimes), commuting, or just want a great mirror for their touch-ups.

    the mirror in a reviewer's hand

    12. A memory foam wedge pillow, because gone are the days of your boo elevating their legs on a not-so-ergonomic stack of pillows. This one fits the contours of the body, whether they're resting their legs at the end of the day or are looking for neck support!

    13. A bamboo dish brush set if your friend sticks firmly to their no-dishes-left-overnight rule. Bamboo brushes like this one are great for getting every last bit of baked-on grime without the need for an overnight soak that might grind your friend's gears. Oh, and this set includes a soap dish, too!

    a reviewer's brush and dish soap set on a sink

    14. A pack of six makeup sponges that reviewers swear are just as good as the, ahem, unspoken pink makeup sponge that's sold at most beauty stores — while being a fraction of the cost! This is great for the beauty lover in your life who is very serious about replacing their beauty sponges every three months, but doesn't want to drop serious coin on new sponges each time!

    15. A cute candle warmer if your giftee loves the idea of surrounding their home with fragrant candles but feels uneasy about leaving them unattended. This works by warming (and subsequently melting) the wax without fire, which prolongs the life of candles!

    a reviewer's candle warmer on their bedside

    16. A hand massager, because who wouldn't want a knot-relieving hand massage after a long day of typing?! This massager uses heat, air pressure, and four kneading heads to help relieve pain and discomfort in your giftee's digits. This is perfect if your S.O. is always making puppy eyes at you for a hand rub, even when your post-WFH hands are aching themselves.

    a person using the massager

    17. A Vitruvi ceramic diffuser for your aromatherapy-loving partner. Whether they're diffusing essential oils to brighten their home or just like the soft noise to help them fall asleep, they'll surely fall in love with you even more after receiving this chic piece of functional decor.

    the diffuser in white

    18. A 4-in-1 bedside lamp that is a charging station, lamp, sound machine, and alarm clock! All while looking chic and compact enough for your hard-to-buy-for friend who seems to have everything.

    a reviewer's lamp on a nightstand

    19. A compact coffee mug warmer because the worst part about making a cup of joe during the work day is...forgetting about it while typing. This'll keep your WFH bestie's coffee warm throughout their various deadlines!

    A mug filled with coffee placed on the warmer

    20. And a National Geographic geode kit for the little one (or curious adventurer) on your current gift list. If someone you love enjoys exploring the outdoors for new plant species and rock formations, then their eyes will light up with this sparkling geode discovery kit.

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