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    20 Products From Amazon That’ll Help Solve Your Most Frustrating Lawn & Garden Problems

    These products will take care of all your weed and hedge worries.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. A sawtooth border edger to cut the grass thats growing over your garden or curb. This tool creates a sharp end to your lawn that'll basically make you believe you're a landscaper.

    Promising review: "I ordered this after struggling the past few seasons with getting neat, attractive edging using my current tools. I was never able to achieve the look and depth I wanted. I needed something I could manage physically (not too heavy or awkward) as a senior attempting to maintain my corner city lot. This is the cat's meow. The tool overall is heavy enough to provide stability but not so heavy that it hurts my shoulders or arms to use repetitively while edging. The 'T' handle is comfortable, it is a perfect length, and the teeth cut right through roots, grass, weeds, etc. with absolutely no problem." —Peaches

    Price: $39.09

    2. A weed and grass killer, because weeds are not only an eyesore, but they also take vital nutrients from the soil that could instead go to your grass or plants. Simply dilute this concentrate into a tank sprayer for a precise spray that kills weeds, and none of your surrounding plants in the process.

    a person diluting the concentrate into a tank sprayer

    Tank sprayer sold seperately.

    Promising review: "This is a great weed killer! We have a flower bed that is just impossible with the weeds! One application of this weed killer got 90% of the weeds gone. I started to see results within an hour and most of the weeds were completely gone by the next morning. Stray grass, clover, dandelion are some of the weeds we are dealing with. Our flowerbed stretches around the corner of our house, approx. 60 feet long and five feet wide. One application covered the entire area completely!" —DJ Urban Cowboy

    Price: $17.91

    3. A combination trimmer, edger, and sweeper for areas like the side of your home, where a lawnmower might be too large to fit.

    the trimmer used as a trimmer and an edger for grass

    Promising review: "I ordered this combo for our average-sized corner lot yard and it worked perfectly. I have no interest in dragging around a power cord. I also wanted to get away from another maintenance-heavy gas trimmer, so this combo checked all the right boxes. The combo I ordered came with two batteries and I completely charged both before first use. I was able to trim around the foundation of the house and a few trees and edge with the weed-eater. Then use the sweeper on the sidewalk and curb all on one battery." —Daryl B

    Price: $98.94 (available in eight styles)

    4. A rotating lawn sprinkler, because all plants need water, but, unfortunately, the blazing sun can leave your lawn yellow and dehydrated fairly quickly. (And perhaps you need a fun sprinkler to run through on warm summer days?!)

    a lawn sprinkler in on a grassy lawn

    Promising review: "This product is just what I was looking for. If you need a sprinkler that covers a lot of ground and is easy to use this is a great product. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a sturdy product that covers a lot of ground." —Samuel B.

    Price: $23.99

    5. A bag of mulch that includes coco (which adds nutrients to the soil, helps to retain moisture, and even reduces the amount of weed growth).

    mulch spread over a garden bed

    Promising review: "I love that I can carry the mulch brick easily to where I am going to spread the mulch, hydrate it in my garden cart right there, and spread it easily. Beautiful color holds up well. Great in my raised bed garden; not a weed in sight." —Sybilann Williams

    Price: $21.06 (available in two sizes)

    6. A roll of chicken wire so that you'll never have to worry about cute bunny rabbits nibbling at your growing vegetables again.

    a vegetable garden with chicken wire on its borders

    Promising review: "Perfect size for surrounding my garden. I have a family of rabbits that get to my plants and this is working out fine. I also like the way it looks around my garden. It gives it a neat look. It's easy to cut. I have ordered two rolls and I am pleased." —The Doer

    Price: $9.16 (available in three sizes and three colors)

    7. A garden hose nozzle with nine adjustable spray patterns to help mist delicate plants, or spray large portions of lawn at a time.

    the water nozzle on a tablecloth

    Promising review: "This hose-end sprayer appears to be of excellent quality and has a few nice features like extra washers and a quick connect. The feel is good and solid and the grip is good also. The spring action is tight we're hoping this will not lose its spring action in the near future as my old one did. All in all, it appears to be an excellent hose end sprayer." —Klingler LLC.

    Price: $16.95

    8. A weed puller tool that'll pull the weeds out of your lawn, root and all. This tool is great for those who prefer to to kneel as little as possible while tending to their lawn—the long handle makes it easy to simply stick the fork portion of this tool into the ground around the weed, and pull it out. It's really that simple.,

    Promising review: "After strained ligaments from hoeing over an entire weekend in the pastures, I found this here on Amazon. I've only used it a few weeks but have pulled hundreds of weeds and it feels sturdy and tough. Best of all, it pulls out the roots like nothing I've ever seen - some of these soft leafed varieties have roots 3' long!" —Pediatric nurse

    Price: $35.99

    9. A Flexihose so that you never have to worry about untying a heavy rubber hose on a hot summer day again.

    the hose wrapped around an outdoor water tap

    Promising review: "My old hose used in the front garden is very heavy and a pain to wind up before and after using. This hose, however, takes up very little space and works the same as a regular hose. I'm amazed how it shrinks and takes up such little room while stored, yet it performs the same way. And no need to wind or unwind it on the hose cart. I'm so glad I got it. I've only had it a week, but I'm experiencing no leaks...phew." —RL635

    Price: $54.99 (available in five colors and in three sizes)

    10. A bag of grass food to help you grow the lawn of your dreams. This food is especially helpful if you have browning in your grass from dog urine.

    Promising review: "My soil is very sandy so the nutrients in it are pretty low. I planted a lawn last fall and it took forever to start growing. The grass was struggling to even grow this spring and was patchy. I added this and bam it filled in super quick and looks amazing. I wish I would have taken before and after photos! This is one of the few lawn fertilizers that have phosphorous in it which help the roots grow. Good stuff!" —Ness

    Price: $11.49 (available in two styles and in four sizes)

    11. A pair of gardening gloves, because although gardening is beautiful, dirt caught under your fingernails is not. Use these gloves to keep your hands tidy, and to protect you from sharp thorns in your rose garden.

    a person using gardening gloves to pick a tomato

    Promising review: "I have trouble finding gloves that fit my tiny little hands. I can't work when I have an extra inch of finger tip flopping around at the end of my glove. I ordered these in medium, and they're perfect. They helped me tear up a plot of land by hand. The gloves have held up really well, with no signs of excessive wear. I'd buy them again." —Anna

    Price: $13.97 (available in sizes S-XXL)

    12. A garden tool set that has everything you need for planting new buds. The transplanting trowel has measurements on it to ensure that you are digging deep enough while planting new flowers.

    a hand trowel, a transplanting trowel, and a hand rake

    This set includes a hand trowel, a transplanting trowel, and a hand rake.

    Promising review: "When I was shopping for hand tools to work in my flower garden I kept coming back to this set of hand tools. I was hesitant at first because I have never spent a lot of money on my tools. These tools are so well worth the money. They are well built and the handles are comfortable. My flower gardens are so much easier to take care of. The shovel with the measurements has taken the guesswork out of planting. Money well spent." —WMTT

    Price: $19.90

    13. A sun hat that has UPF 50+ sun protection, because there usually isn't much shade in an open field. Consider using this hat to keep cool in the intense sun.

    a person wearing a sun hat in khaki with a strap around the chin

    Promising review: "I was resistant for the longest time but I finally had to commit to wearing hats regularly because of health issues and needed to find one I could wear casually for walking, gardening, and sitting outside. After much online searching, I was attracted to the wide brim, the mesh for air circulation, and its a good-looking hat. I was pleased that this hat did not disappoint in person. I find that I even like the under the chin drawstring in case of wind." —ninasj

    Price: $20.81 (available in five colors)

    14. A set of plant labels so that you can clearly see which vegetable is which as your seedlings are first starting to grow. This set is great as it is completely made from metal, making it better for the environment than single-use plastic labels.

    a copper plant label in front of a plant in a garden

    This set come with 16 copper plant labels.

    Promising review: "I bought this to keep track of all the plants in my garden bed. I love the sleek modern look this has. It’s easy to assemble and easy to put in place and holds in place very well due to the long stick attached." —Ryan

    Price: $38.25 for a pack of 16

    15. A battery-powered lawnmower, because if you have a lawn, you are inevitably going to have to mow it. You may as well use a rechargeable mower that's better for the environment than one that runs on gas.

    a lawn mower in the middle of a yard on top of freshly cut grass

    Promising review: "I have now had this mower for almost a year and it works very well for me. I'm 5'1" and found it difficult to use a regular gas mower, so I researched lawnmowers and found this one. The battery charges pretty quickly. I get a good hour of use before the battery drains. It is relatively lightweight, which is good because then I can maneuver it around my yard easily. Good product!" —Susan M Riley

    Price: $249.32 (available in four styles)

    16. A cordless trimmer to trim every last stray piece of bush from your hedges. This trimmer is 22 inches long, making it perfect for everything from the small bushes to large hedges in your yard. Plus, since it's cordless, you won't have to worry about constantly plugging and unplugging this bad boy into an outlet.,

    Promising review: "I LOVE this hedge trimmer! I have about 150 feet of 4.5-foot tall hedges that surround the front and side of my house. This trimmer cut right through the toughest branches of my hedges, and it did the entire job with one battery. I used the PowerCut feature twice, and it was great!" —Kristine Potter

    Price: $89 (available in seven styles)

    17. An adjustable gardening bench that you can use to kneel or sit on while working with plants that are fairly low to the ground.

    a kneeler bench for gardening next to potted plants

    Promising review: "This is great for the garden. Keeps my knees out of the stickers and the padding is very comfortable, helps me get up and down.. easy to maneuver around the garden and in between the rows. Haven't tried sitting on it but i'm heavy and this feels very sturdy under me. Pockets deep enough for tools and seed packets, easy to remove and wash if necessary." —Cpt Dragon

    Price: $42.99

    18. A planting cage to give your climbing plants (like tomatoes, string beans, and cucumbers) something to wind up onto. Planting cages are vital for growing these plants, because a climbing plant cannot grow to its fullest potential if it has nothing to climb.

    a plant growing up the sides of a planting cage

    This comes in a pack of four.

    Promising review: "I love how the pieces can be configured in almost any fashion, not just triangular. Very good quality, and very sturdy. I'm so glad I found these!" —freedomshopper

    Price: $36.99 (available in three sizes)

    19. A soil tester that lets you know the moisture, pH, and sunlight levels in your potted plants around the yard. This is ideal making sure your plants are properly hydrated, and that they're receiving the proper amount of nutrients they need to thrive.

    a green soil tester in a plant

    Promising review: "This item works great! It is so much easier than sticking your finger in that plant and getting your mail dirty, I simply carried around to each of my plants and I can tell instantly exactly how much water they have or need. It works excellent indoors or outdoors. I use it every day now. It's a great product, and I am picky." —Olzab

    Price: $14.99

    20. And plant food for your acid-loving plants. This plant food is ideal for flowers that are the brightest when their soil is a bit more on the acidic side.

    a pack of miracle grow plant food

    Promising review: "I should have my gardenias write the review. They seem to love it. I have a ton of bushes and they all get it several times during the growing season, as do the azaleas, fuchias, and others. My flowers grow like weeds on this stuff." —NMB

    Price: $13.99

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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