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    31 Dresses From Target That Demand To Be The Center Of Attention

    Because this is *your* year, babe.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. An open-back dress that is professional in the front while being casually sexy in the back, making it perfect for a quick drink with friends before jetting off to see your boo.

    2. A velvet minidress because 'tis the season of velvet! Why not rock something that's made of a classic fabric while still staying true to your new 2022 style?

    3. A puff-shoulder dress for those get-togethers that have an alarming number of photo ops throughout the evening. This'll have you looking camera-ready while still feeling cozy as ever.

    model wearing the dress in a beige color

    4. A velvet bodycon dress because, contrary to popular belief, winter calls for color on your wardrobe! And there's nothing more fitting than a cute red velvet dress to prove this fact.

    5. A faux-wrap dress perfect for people who are spending the beginning of the year in a warmer climate. This high-low dress will allow the breeze in, while still staying true to the cooler weather with its delicious camel color.

    model wearing the dress in green with tan heels carrying a woven handbag

    6. A ruched mesh dress that'll remind you of your favorite starry van Gogh painting.

    7. A sweater dress so you can feel warm and comfy while still looking as though you've just come back from Fashion Week. Pair this with your favorite knee-high boots, gold hoops, and you'll be well on your way to looking ~le chic~.

    8. A puff sleeve mini dress which is the perfect ensemble for spending nights out with your S.O. Consider this if you wear black every day (like lil ol' moody me).

    9. Or a V-neck midi dress just in case you *do* enjoy rocking festive colors some days.

    model wearing the dress in burgundy with tan strappy sandals, carrying a tan handbag

    10. A fit and flare dress to wear on its own, or spruce up with a faux fur vest and knit tights to keep warm.

    front view of model wearing the dress in red

    11. A dress and shrug set that is perfect for those who proclaim to be walking radiators! When feeling chilly, throw the shrug on for some cute sleeves. And when you're feeling slightly warm, remove the shrug to reveal a cute dress underneath.

    12. A long-sleeve tiered dress to bring your boho style well into the cooler months. This is perfect for leisurely Sunday strolls through town.

    13. A wrap dress so that you can show up to any cocktail party looking like a million—no—a BILLION BUCKS.

    14. A silky slip dress because this dress is a staple in any wardrobe! Dress it up with accessories and sandals in the warmer months, or layer it under a chunky sweater during the winter for a casual look that'll surely demand everyone's attention.

    15. A cutout bodycon that has just the right amount of sass to still make it appropriate for intimate get-togethers.

    16. A cable knit sweater dress because you deserve to wear a dress that feels like your favorite winter sweater while looking as cute as ever. Bonus: it has pockets!!

    front view of model wearing the dress in green

    17. A button-up trapeze dress to wear when you don't even want to *think* about putting pants on, but also want to look put-together for your Zoom meetings.

    18. An embroidered dress for those mornings where there's very little time to get ready, but looking great is a priority. Simply throw this dress on with your favorite drop earrings and boots and you'll be your stylish self in no time.

    front view of model wearing the dress in navy with pink blue and orange embroidery

    19. A sleeveless fit and flare because everyone needs an LBD in their collection — why not have one as cute as this?

    20. A bishop sleeve-smocked dress that'll have you looking as cute as a button for all those beginning-of-year birthday gatherings.

    21. A ruffle dress so that you can serve major Florence and the Machine vibes while staying cozy and warm.

    22. A tiered dress because there's nothing better than dressing up for you and you alone! This is the perfect dress for wearing on a Saturday afternoon as you relax in your reading nook.

    23. A long sleeve dress with puff sleeves, just in case you are always on the hunt for clothing that'll help bring out your inner Kate Bush. "Wuthering Heights" on karaoke, anyone?

    24. A ballet dress that, despite your ability (or inability) to properly execute a pirouette, will still make you look as chic as an American Ballet Theater ballerina. This dress is perfect for transitioning from the office to a date night.

    25. A printed bodycon because prints aren't just for the warmer months! Consider pairing this dress with knee-high boots and a chunky cardigan for Sunday brunch with friends.

    front view of model wearing the dress in a black and blue butterfly design

    26. A flowing patterned number with a beautiful silhouette that'll make it look as though you just stepped off a runway and a stunning intricate pattern that'll surely turn everyone's head.

    27. A sleeveless knit midi dress that'll have people wondering if you have a personal stylist on speed dial.

    28. A turtleneck sweater dress because honestly, is there anything better than a cozy turtleneck sweater during the colder season? This dress makes it possible for you to grab hold of that comfy feeling while still amping up your minimalist style.

    front view of model wearing the dress in beige

    29. A button-front dress to quickly become your go-to dress for whenever you need a classy *and* comfy outfit FAST. Pair this dress with hoop earrings and your favorite booties and you'll be serving looks all night long.

    front view of model wearing the dress in teal

    30. A bright skater dress because there are places that require warm-weather clothing all year round! If you find yourself living in a warmer climate, consider this airy dress for comfy feels and chic looks.

    front view of model wearing the dress in a mustard with white daisy design

    31. And a balloon-sleeve denim dress for those moments where you have to look put-together and professional, but still want to show off the true fashionista you are.

    front view of model wearing the dress in a purple floral design

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