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    Just 28 Birthday Gifts For That Person In Your Life Who Is Impossible To Shop For

    You'll deserve a treat yourself after finally cracking the case.

    1. A heatless curling rod headband if your bestie reserves around 40–60 minutes in their morning routine for curling their hair. They can wear this to bed at night and wake up with bouncy, voluminous waves in the morning — no heat tools required!

    2. A Pillow Cube that's a godsend for side sleepers. I recently got one for myself and one for my partner — and when I tell you, this was the best sleep BOTH of us had in a long time. This pillow's cube shape is great for supporting the full neck during sleep, and is made from memory foam — which helps it keep its semi-firm shape throughout the night (!!) — that'll feel like your giftee is literally sleeping on a cloud.

    the pillow cube on a reviewer's bed

    3. An olive boat and pit port is such a genius gift, you might want to keep it for your own b-day. Upon inspection, this just looks like a fancy addition to a charcuterie board. But, when you look closer, you'll see that the cone centerpiece is *actually* a port for guests to put their olive, cherry, or date pits! Never again will your friend have to worry about their guests carrying around pit in a folded napkin at dinner parties!

    a reviewer's copico olive boat and port

    4. A gel-effect top coat for making any DIY polish job look like your beauty-loving friend sat in a salon for hours to achieve such an impeccable manicure. This top coat seals any type of nail polish to ensure that they'll go days without chipping their meticulous at-home artistry.

    a reviewer's manicure after using this product

    5. A color-changing showerhead since everyone knows someone who has color-changing lights in their space. This'll let them set the mood for a bright and cheery morning, or adjust things to a soothing and relaxed ambiance during their pre-bed shower.

    light up shower head

    6. A hair claw clip so that your giftee can try on the endless French twist hairstyles that are out there while adding a subtle '90s flair to their daily 'fits.

    reviewer wearing light pink claw clip in light brown hair
    reviewer pic of colorful hair claw clips in a line

    Promising review: "I will admit I bought these from seeing them on TikTok and I needed new clips for my thick hair. I am not disappointed and beyond glad I got them. The colors are gorgeous and they stay put without hurting my head. I'm very impressed." —Amazon Customer

    Get a four-pack from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in 11 sets).

    7. A Männkitchen pepper cannon is not just any 'ole peppermill — it can crank ten times the amount of pepper as traditional grinders! This is perfect for the person who has pretty much every cooking gadget in their pro-level kitchen (except this peppermill, obvi).

    a person using the pepper cannon

    8. A set of linen napkins that is a two-fold gift — this'll spruce up the tablescape of your bestie while giving them a sustainable alternative to single-use paper towels!

    the napkins in white

    9. A toothbrush holder and dispenser, because it's all over TikTok these days — and for good reason, too. It's both charming and functional, and (most importantly) gives your neat and tidy roommate something to calm their nerves over the current counter situation in your bathroom.

    the white wall mounted toothbrush holder

    10. A portable dishwasher if your pal just moved into an apartment in their dream city — but then quickly realized that means having about one square foot of kitchen space. This is great if your friend doesn't have much counter space but would LOVE to have something that can take care of cleaning their forks and plates.

    11. A light-up, macramé dream catcher for the person you know who is always logging notes in their dream journal. This'll look *so* cute hanging above their bed, and give them a night-light option for reading sessions that go into the wee hours of the morning! (Can I get an "oh yeahhh" for 2-in-1 gifts???)

    a dream catcher in a reviewer's room

    12. A pair of pearl drop earrings with baroque fresh water pearls and a dazzling gem, so that your giftee can be the belle of the ball at any event they have lined up this year!

    a model wearing the earrings

    13. An Amazon Fire tablet for kids that can switch between parental profiles and kid profiles, meaning this is basically a gift for both your child *and* you. You can use this to browse the web while your little can use it to play games or read books. But the best part? Although this tablet is kid-proof, it comes with a two-year guarantee that if this tablet breaks, Amazon will replace it for free*.

    14. A mulberry silk sleeping mask so your skincare-loving giftee can protect their delicate eye skin from pillow friction while blocking out any light that could hinder their beauty sleep. (And if they're not into this mask's antibacterial or friction-free qualities, then maybe they'll just enjoy this as a glam addition to their sleep routine.)

    15. A meditation cushion perfect for aligning one's posture during their daily breath work — plus it'll last your wellness-loving friend a while. This cushion contains buckwheat to provide stability that won't sink in after prolonged use.

    the cushion in beige

    16. A two-piece lounge outfit because "cozy" is the gift that keeps on giving, folks! This is perfect for someone who loves to spend all their free time cuddled up and doing a face mask. Heck, this is even perfect for someone looking for a Zoom outfit that's cute enough to turn their cameras on during meetings!

    a reviewer wearing their set in beige

    17. A bento lunch box for your foodie sibling whose biggest pet peeve is when different parts of a meal touch one another. As a person who doesn't like their food to touch, I can firmly say that bento boxes are a godsend — I can keep my sweet fruits and savory stir-frys away from one another while sporting a compact case that saves me lunch money!

    a person's lunch in the bento box

    18. A set of wooden spoons because trust me, if your giftee is a fan of mukbangs, then they DEFINITELY have a set of wooden spoons on their Amazon wishlist. These spoons are about the same size as a typical tablespoon, meaning they'll be able to enjoy all the rice bowls, soups, and even cereals with this set.

    a person holding one of the spoons

    19. A humidifier that sits on a bedside table and shoots humidity at your giftee's face. No, this isn't an adorably-shaped torture device — keeping a humid environment is key for maintaining moisture levels in the skin, and any skincare aficionado you know will likely immediately know exactly what this is for upon opening their present. Plus, it looks like a little dog going to space! How cute!!

    20. A bamboo dish brush set if your brother sticks firmly to their no-dishes-left-overnight rules. Bamboo brushes like this one are great for getting every last bit of baked-on grime without the need for an overnight soak that might grind your friend's gears. Oh, and this set includes a soap dish too!

    a reviewer's brush and dish soap set on a sink

    21. A chic Castlery runner for your cousin who loves to decorate every square inch of their space, including their floors! This'll go well in any space in their home that needs sprucing up, like an entryway, kitchen, or busy hallway!

    the runner with tan and white stripes

    22. An iron flask water bottle, which is double-walled to keep your giftee's drinks ice cold or piping hot til the very last drop. This is great for people with a heavy disdain for ice melting in their drinks, or people who really like to take their sweet time drinking their cup of joe in the morning!

    the iron flask in mint green

    23. A fluted glassware set, because EVERYTHING looks better (and seems to taste better) in aesthetically pleasing glasses. Although these glasses look like they belong in a chic restaurant, they're durable for daily at-home use — perfect for your beverage-expert relative who is looking for new vessels for their fancy drinks.

    24. A Sonos smart speaker that doesn't include microphones, meaning your sibling won't ever accidentally talk to Alexa while at home! These speakers deliver professional-level sound quality and can connect to other speakers all throughout the house for a fully immersive listening experience.

    25. A marble chessboard because whether they're Queen's Gambit-level pros or just want to spruce up their coffee table, your bestie will love this piece of functional decor.

    Isabella's chessboard on her coffee table

    26. A set of shower steamers so that your pal can make every morning a spa-like experience. All they have to do is drop these steamer tabs onto their shower floor while they wash, and the steam will release aromatherapy scents like lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and more!

    a reviewer holding their steamers in the packaging

    27. And a traveling pint glass with a lid *and* a built-in bottle opener so that your friend can keep their brewskis cold as ice at future barbecues and camping trips!

    a reviewer holding two pints in their hand

    28. And a splurge-worthy Terra Kaffe TK-01 automatic espresso machine, because this is perfect for the person who is always singing praises of the fancy espresso machine they have in their office. Unlike other single-serve espresso machines that use pods, this one uses real beans, meaning that your giftee can have fun trying out roasts from all around the world. In addition, this creates virtually any espresso-based drink, and adds the perfect amount of frothed milk!

    the espresso machine in black

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.