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    25 Amazing Gifts To Get At Nordstrom This Year

    No matter what they told you, they don't actually want a gift certificate this year.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    What a year! The holidays are finally here! And while we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time, shipping times are especially tricky this year, so we suggest shopping as early as you can.

    Stock and shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. So order earlier than you think you need to and be sure to double-check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for when you need it. You can see Nordstrom's full shipping information here.

    1. A stainless-steel block alarm clock that'll be a chic addition to your work buddy's WFH setup. If your loved one can often be found waxing poetically about the charm of old-school alarm clocks, this battery-powered classic is for them — and it has an alarm and snooze feature, too.

    a silver block alarm clock with white arms and a black clock face

    Promising review: "It's a great little clock for a living room table: easy to read — even from across the room; is substantial in weight; and has a clean, contemporary look." —Pittsburghnative

    Price: $79

    2. A plush throw to up your loved one's couch decor game, while also helping them feel as cozy as a cloud.

    a vanilla throw draping over a couch in a living room

    Promising review: "Great price, very soft and fluffy blanket and love the color! My only problem is that it’s so cozy, my dog has now claimed it as his own." —Eliza770

    Price: $39.50 (available in 13 colors)

    3. A Boy Smells scented candle that smells so lovely, you'll want to get one for yourself, too. This candle combines the deep, floral scent of fig leaves with a grounding spiciness derived from black pepper and cardamom. Plus, it works as a great decor piece, so consider this a 2-in-1 gift.


    Price: $39+ (available in two sizes)

    4. A Pure Radiance body care set, because everyone deserves the gift of soft skin! This set, which contains a scrub and body butter to whisk away dead skin cells and add a glow to the arms, legs, and chest, is great for your friend who's just getting into skincare — since skincare definitely doesn't end with your face.


    Price: $40 

    5. A SKIMS pajama set that the entire internet is buzzing about. This ribbed stretch model pajama set feels luxurious against the skin and comes in nine neutral colors — perfect for the friend who's cultivating a minimalist wardrobe.


    Price: $118 (available in sizes 2XS-4XL)

    6. A magnesium reset spray for relaxing tense muscles, because everyone deserves a reset, especially the work- and workout-loving person in your life! This magnesium spray is perfect for soothing soreness after workouts or pulling long hours, and even helps to alleviate occasional stress. I love using this when I've worked myself to the bone (and, because I'm a Capricorn, that's quite often).


    Promising review: "I love this spray! Its scent is divine, it feels amazing, and leaves my skin and muscles feeling refreshed and renewed. I strained my neck muscles not too long ago, and this spray is amazing for helping me ease tension and relieve soreness! I absolutely love this spray, as well as Alo’s body oil. Together, they are making my skin and body feel amazing:)" —Sarahrosev

    Price: $48

    7. And a massage gun, to help your loved ones who need something a little bit stronger to soothe their aching muscles. I have this percussive massage tool, and I love that it completely gets all the kinks out of my legs after a long run. And if I close my eyes and imagine hard enough, it even feels as if I'm getting a real massage. Yes, it's that good.


    Promising review: "Got this for my husband's birthday. He has back pain and has been told he needs surgery, and he's the type who has everything. When this popped up in my Nordstrom feed, I checked it out. The price tag is steep, but if you think about it as the cost of five massage sessions but the ability to massage every day and really work out soreness and tension, it is a good deal. After the first day, his back felt better. I used it on my hip where I have had some pain from running, and I have not felt that pain since. This is a great device, and if you're at all experiencing any muscle soreness or just life tension, this is a great gift for yourself." —NikkiShops

    Price: $399 (available in two colors)

    8. A Byredo Bibliotheque Eau de Parfum, just in case your giftee fantasizes about having an old-fashioned, leather-bound-book-filled library in their dream home. This scent smells both musky and floral, like being in the most luxurious bibliotheque you can imagine.


    Promising review: "This is my favorite new fragrance. I love the sweetness, the depth, and spiciness that this perfume has. It is a beautiful scent that lasts all day. I have received many compliments. I even spray it on my wrist when I go to bed at night so I can smell it while I am reading. It is lovely!" —voile

    Price: $190+ (available in two sizes)

    9. An ultrasonic cool mist aromatherapy diffuser that'll diffuse lovely scents to whisk their minds away from the daily hustle and bustle. While not in use, this diffuser also makes for some great decor on any nightstand.

    an aromatherapy diffuser with a white body and a wooden base resting on a ledge in front of books and a plant

    Promising review: "It’s my second day/night using this diffuser, and I am glad that I did. I’m using the Essential Oil Aromatherapy that’s sold separately of the same brand. It comes with instructions and relatively easy to operate the first time. I bought this for our small sleeping space and it diffuses well, especially the lavender scent. I like that you can choose different colors with the lamp for different moods, and as well as an option to turn it off. I choose green and purple most of the time because they’re both relaxing colors. Great for bedtimes. I might be getting a second one soon." —rise_and_shine

    Price: $39.99

    10. A Bluetooth micro speaker for the music lover in your life who is always cranking up the volume when their favorite songs come on. This portable speaker is small, yes — but it is LOUD! Plus, its compact size will help your friend take their favorite music on the go, to the beach or pool, or even the shower.


    Promising review: "Amazing Sound Quality for such a small device! It has decent bass and gets pretty loud! it is great for lounging around, showers, and to take anywhere! A great purchase!" —Jessa17

    Price: $119 (available in two colors)

    11. An adjustable desk stand that'll help your technology-loving friends stand while they work, and improve their tech-neck and posture woes. This desk stand is also great at supporting tablets or cookbooks in the kitchen, too.

    a person standing and working on their laptop that is supported by an adjustable desk stand made of wood

    Promising review: "Quite happy with this impulse choice. Arrived in a flat-pack box, no hardware necessary, made of solid wood and it was assembled quickly. Super flexible and has three configurations. This is a huge plus for my office space, I'm very glad I found it!" —Zoltarpanaflex

    Price: $54.99

    12. A set of round mirrored coasters with felt bases, because there is no better way to spruce up a coffee table while also protecting it from condensation rings. If Danny Tanner were a real person, he'd likely already have this in his cart — so pick some up for the stylish neat freak in your life.

    a set of four mirrored coasters on a table

    Price: $36 for a set of four

    13. A hair oil that pretty much does it all — softens, detangles fussy knots, and helps to diminish frizz for a shiny finish. Consider this for the person in your life who is always after perfect-looking tresses.


    Price: $45

    14. A slim drop vase for those who enjoys minimalist design at home. Simply add a few tall flowers into this vase, or display it by itself on the coffee table.


    Price: $55 (available in three colors)

    15. A NuFACE facial toning device that is all the rage in the beauty industry because of its tightening and toning effects. This device uses microcurrent technology to tone facial muscles. Stars like Hailey Bieber, Miranda Kerr, and *many* others are already obsessed, so your skincare-loving friend likely will be, too.


    Promising review: "After researching the NuFace trinity, I thought I'd give it a try, knowing if I didn't like it Nordstrom would gladly take it back. I'm definitely keeping it! My eyelids have always looked a bit droopy and I'm starting to get saggy jowls and forehead wrinkles. I noticed a slight overall improvement after the first use. After continued use, I saw a wonderful difference. On some mornings if my eyes are puffy from my allergies I use it to help lift my lids and I look much better. I have received compliments such as "you look like you've been getting more rest lately" or "that haircut makes you look younger" only I haven't changed my hair style! My favorite, "you look like you're in love." It's easy to use and after you've used it regularly for a few weeks it seems you can cut back on the number of treatments per week. I highly recommend this to anyone." —Annevb917

    Price: $288.15 (originally $339)

    16. A round blow-dryer brush to help give your blowout-obsessed loved ones a salon-worthy style with the simple flick of a wrist.


    Promising review: "This thing is amazing. My hair is naturally super curly and before, I would have to shower, blow-dry, straighten, then curl my hair. Now, I can just shower then towel dry, put in products, and use the double shot and it gives me amazing Duchess of Cambridge hair in less than 20 minutes. I would highly recommend this to ANYONE and already have. :)" —saraharah715

    Price: $127.50 (originally $150)

    17. A faux orchid planter, because flowers immediately bring life to a room, and even your most plant-murder-prone friend should be able to enjoy that.

    a faux orchid in a grey planter

    Price: $59+ (available in two sizes)

    18. A reversible faux leather tote with matching wristlet, so that your bestie can carry a tote bag that fits it all while still looking chic.


    Promising review: "I use this bag on my commute every day— I throw in my heels, my lunch, and frankly whatever else I want because it's awesome! It's big enough for really anything without being unseemly and I love the reversible feature... not that I'm always pausing to think about what "goes" with my outfit...but when I do, I love having options. Also, this bag is pretty durable." —LoveNordy84

    Price: $49

    19. A colorful framed art print, because whether your friends hang this in the bathroom, the bedroom, or even the kitchen, it will surely add a ton of pizzazz to their bare walls.

    a wall art print with lions, flowers, and plants

    Promising review: "Love this modern but vintage looking painting! Perfect for my eclectic home!" —Mainello

    Price: $40

    20. A pair of cashmere-lined leather touchscreen gloves to keep your best friend's digits warm and cozy this winter, while still allowing them the opportunity to text you.


    Price: $99 (available in sizes 6–9 and in two colors)

    21. A jewelry polishing tool for your loved one who is always rocking some major rocks, and is obsessed with properly caring for them. This formula-free pom will clean and illuminate even the most tarnished metals and gemstones.


    Price: $22

    22. A brass cotton jar so your loved ones can finally get rid of their plastic bags full of cotton rounds, and store their skincare supplies in style.

    a spherical brass cotton jar with a lid on top

    Price: $30

    23. An LED light therapy mask that pretty much every skincare-aficionado has on their wish list. THis LED light mask uses red and blue LED lights to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help eradicate acne-causing bacteria. I use this whenever I need a helping hand with my skincare woes.


    Promising review: "This led mask is worth every penny. I have had this device for over two years and have never had an issue. I simply charge over night and it’s ready to continue using for days. Easy to clean and still looks brand-new. Love that it has blue- and red-light options. It has helps with some minor breakouts skin looks more even, and firmer with a glow. I would recommend." —LisaV

    Price: $435

    24. A cozy fleece robe from Ugg to help your giftee stay warm and comfy on Sunday mornings, or after a soothing post-workday bath.


    Promising review: "This robe is perfect. I thought it would be thin, since it looks thinner than the other Ugg robe at the same price. But no. It’s warm and soft and the pockets are deep and lined! Get whatever color. It doesn’t matter. This robe is a live-in." —KOGale

    Price: $130 (available in sizes XS-XL and in three colors)

    25. And a pair of colorful Kate Spade glittery huggie hoop earrings, because 'tis the season for glitz and glam, baby! Let your giftee shine like the star they are with these earrings that will work not just for the holiday season, but every season of the year.


    Promising review: "The sparkle and workmanship are top-notch. I'm usually a pure gold girl, but for a holiday or special event, these are great. Good weight but not too heavy. I was concerned about what part was 'plastic,' but can't determine whether it's the earring back or the stone. Buying more for stocking stuffers!" —Jeannemm53

    Price: $21.90 (originally $38; available in two colors)

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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