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    24 Times The Pearson Men From "This Is Us" Made Us Absolutely Swoon

    Where can I find a Pearson? Asking for a friend.

    1. When Jack had to ration $9 for a perfect(ly awkward) first date:

    2. When Jack encouraged Rebecca to get up on stage and do what she loves:

    3. When Jack stood up to Rebecca's family at dinner because they didn't think he belonged with them:

    4. And when Jack proved time and time again he wouldn't be an absentee father:

    5. Always capturing the little moments:

    6. Never failing to give his children guidance when they need it:

    7. Also their smiles. How could anyone forget their smiles?

    8. They're infectious:

    9. Absolutely makes everyone want to swoon a little:

    10. When Randall cracks a great #DadJoke:

    11. Or when Randall took the initiative to reshape a neighborhood that meant so much to him:

    12. When he openly accepted and loved Deja without hesitation:

    13. And continues to defy ~traditional~ masculinity by being a supportive, involved family man:

    14. No job is too big or small for Randall Pearson:

    15. And he always makes sure the women in his life know that they are unstoppable:

    16. When we caught a glimpse of what "Dad Kevin" would be like and it made us cry:

    17. And when he supported his siblings unconditionally:

    18. Sure, poking fun at them on occasion:

    19. But sacrificing career opportunities and his own physical health in order to help the ones closest to him:

    20. When Kevin offered his services to help Randall's campaign:

    21. Even supporting his brother when he might not agree with his fashion choices:

    22. When we see the love for their partners, which is so apparent in the way they treat them with kindness:

    23. Filling their partners' lives with laughter and joy:

    24. And finally, most importantly, with love: