23 Ridiculously Weird Glitches Gamers Experienced While Playing "WWE 2K20"


    1. This referee that somehow ended up on Charlotte Flair's shoulder:

    2. This wrestler who has no head but four arms:

    What is this no head with 4 arms glitch smh ⁦@WWEgames⁩ ⁦@2K⁩ #FixWWE2K20

    @shadyblu214 / Via Twitter: @shadyblu214

    3. This dude, who goes around and around (+ that guy in the middle of the ring is just... waiting to get pinned???):

    IGN should give this game a 5 star review.

    @MahNamesShaq / Via Twitter: @MahNamesShaq

    4. This dude, who's got some hang time:

    CAPTION THIS #WWE2K20 #glitch #wrestlethon

    @Wrestlethon / Via Twitter: @Wrestlethon

    5. This glitch that came just in time for October:

    A special spooky #WWE2K20 glitch just in time for Halloween!

    @@sgrspwdls / Via Twitter: @sgrspwdls

    6. There's just... too many things going on here to pick one:

    @JohnnyGaming9 / Via Twitter: @JohnnyGaming9

    7. This finishing move, which we'll call "The Vanishing Act," featuring the steel steps:

    @42_Sandman / Via Twitter: @42_Sandman

    8. This would've-been-impressive show of strength that was ruined by a glitch:

    Seems like @WWEAleister doesn't want @SuperKingofBros to leave him alone hahahahaha HILARIOUS GLITCH!! #WWE2K20 #FixWWE2K20 @WWEgames @SmackNetwork @TheSDHotel @Delzinski @thechrisdenker

    @SamTHimself / Via Twitter: @SamTHimself

    9. We don't know what's going on here:

    “Crab people.. crab people..walk like crabs, Speak like people” #FixWWE2K20

    @TheBoyWill / Via Twitter: @TheBoyWill

    10. This ref, who just couldn't be bothered to stand:

    When the ref just can’t. #WWE2K20 #glitch

    @adamthehawk / Via Twitter: @adamthehawk

    11. This Hulk Hogan mid-air freeze:

    What a "FUN" game Brother! #WWE2K20 #FixWWE2K20 @WWEgames

    @milenkovich14 / Via Twitter: @milenkovich14

    12. Just... this:

    When you have fresh batteries in the vibrator. #WWE2K20 #FixWWE2K20

    @biggusbennus1 / Via Twitter: @biggusbennus1

    13. This tutorial about how to grow your hair in a jiffy:

    okay this is just getting ridiculous now.....please make this video trend and open their damn eyes. #FixWWE2K20

    @OfficialStevoG / Via Twitter: @OfficialStevoG

    14. This glitch that caused part of the ring to just not exist:

    Um ok lmfao what the actual fuck 😂😂😂😂😂#FixWWE2K20 #WWE2K20

    @Jae100Bae / Via Twitter: @Jae100Bae

    15. This impressively sturdy table:

    @WallaceMays_ / Via Twitter: @WallaceMays_

    16. This Ricochet moment showing that it seems like gliding around the ring is the easiest move for him:

    Ricochet breaks his legs in #wwe2k20 #FixWWE2K20

    @_Squared_Circle / Via Twitter: @_Squared_Circle

    17. Did she just fly straight into the turnbuckle?

    Wtf even is this game? @WWEgames #FixWWE2K20 #PS4share https://t.co/x61SDCDb2L

    @MistressMothra / Via Twitter: @MistressMothra

    18. This guy who keeps trying his hardest, but he won't be able to lift the other dude:

    There’s been some movement... #wwe2k20 #FixWWE2K20 #WWE @WWEgames

    @Kevbone / Via Twitter: @Kevbone

    19. This scene out of a horror movie:

    Now that's a glitch 🤣🤣🤣 #FixWWE2K20 @itsbrandonde check this out

    @LacedUpWhiteGuy / Via Twitter: @LacedUpWhiteGuy

    20. This weird way of talking:

    @flyingctrls / Via Twitter: @flyingctrls

    21. Charlotte must've startled Becky Lynch so much, because she jumped so high:

    @WrestlingDude98 / Via Twitter: @WrestlingDude98

    22. This moment that makes you wonder if the Flash is a wrestler:

    Wir machen bei dem #Trend jetzt einfach mal mit und posten auch unseren Glitch aus dem neuen #WWE2K20 😂 #glitch #glitching #wrestling #gaminglife #gameglitch #GamingNews

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    23. And lastly, this one-on-one match that turned into the wrong kind of triple threat:

    What kinda morons complain about this OBVIOUSLY HILARIOUS glitch??? Pure comedy = a FUN TIME! I’d pay extra for more craziness like this 🤣🤣 #WWE2k20 https://t.co/BNEBRJqjZH

    @GrimsToyShow / Via Twitter: @GrimsToyShow