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    23 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Last Longer

    Get the most out of your favourite clothes.

    1. Prevent stains from setting in with a travel-sized stain remover.

    2. Keep your trainers looking like new with this cleaning kit.

    3. Save your leather shoes from cracks and water damage by treating them with this leather balm AND...

    4. ...Restore your faded leather bag back to its original colour with this polish/cream.

    5. Instead of a harsh drying machine, dry your clothes with an environmentally friendly rack.

    6. Spare your delicates from overstretching in the wash with mesh laundry bags.

    7. Non-stain antiperspirant prevents those tricky sweat stains from ever happening.

    8. If antiperspirant isn't your style, try these underarm sweat pads.

    9. Preserve your clothes with some soft velvet hangers.

    10. Instead of buying multiple pairs of cheap leggings, invest in these leggings with a 5-star Amazon rating and, more importantly, a pocket for your phone.

    11. Cover rips and holes in your jean jacket with these decorative iron-on patches.

    12. Lost an earring back? Keep wearing your favourite earrings with these back replacements.

    13. These run-resistant tights seem like witchcraft.

    14. Repair your necklaces and bracelets (and maybe make some new ones) with jewellery pliers.

    15. Protect the heels of your shoes with a shoe horn.

    16. A wooden shoe tree is a great way to help your shoes retain their shape.

    17. These breathable garment bags will shield your clothes from mildew and moths.

    18. Make your shoes water repellent with this spray

    19. Restore (or transform) your faded clothes with dye-pods.

    20. Pretreat your stained laundry with this super-strength stain remover bar.

    21. Keep your clothes free from moth holes with these moth repelling cedar rings.

    22. These vacuum compression bags protect your clothes from dust in storage and save you space when you travel.

    23. Finally, a standard sewing kit is a must-have for any adult.