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    21 Valentine's Day Gifts That Your Significant Other Will Actually Want

    Including some tarot cards inspired by your favourite movies!

    1. A book of absolutely stunning cabins that will make them want to head out into the wilderness and build their own! Whether they prefer the charming fishermen's huts in Ireland or the luxury treehouses in Austria, this book will help scratch that travelling itch we've all had since March.

    2. A fluffy blanket hoodie that feels like a warm hug, because cosiness is the most romantic gift you can give. One size fits all!

    3. Some pastel marble-patterned notebooks that will be a pretty addition to their stationery set.

    4. Some bow-knot hair scrunchies that will make the laziest of ponytails look like elegant hairstyles.

    5. A flat hip flask that's honestly just as much of a fashion accessory as it is an important tool for hydration. I own one, and it fits really nicely into most of my bags!

    6. A deck of movie tarot cards that's a perfect gift for any cinephile.

    7. A Fujifilm Instax camera that they can use to take cute snapshots of the two of you.

    8. A set of dream decoder cards that break down 60 of the most common dreams (flying, being chased, etc) and explores their potential meanings.

    9. A bath pillow so they can luxuriate in the bath without hurting their neck.

    10. A heart-shaped box full of chocolates that's a classic Valentine's Day gift for reason – literally everyone loves chocolate.

    11. This cosy cardigan that they can just pop over their favourite outfits to make them warmer.

    12. A trinket tray that's unbe-leaf-ably elegant.

    13. A ravioli-making kit, so they can take pasta night to the next level.

    14. A jade roller – they can pop it in the fridge before using for a cooling spa-like treatment!

    15. An ice cream maker that can also whip up sorbet and frozen yogurt, because seriously, who wouldn't want an ice cream maker?

    16. Once you become an adult, fuzzy socks are basically the best gift you can ever get.

    17. A weighted blanket, so you can give them the gift of a good night's sleep. It evenly distributes pressure over their body, helping them to relax and drift off more easily.

    18. A massage pillow with four powerful nodes that uses a combination of heat and motion to unwind knots and relieve tension. You're basically giving them a personal massage therapist that they have access to 24 hours a day.

    19. These popular watercolour brush pens, so they can unleash their creative side and pick up a soothing hobby.

    20. Some delicious Belgian chocolates that are designed to look like the solar system, because your S.O. is out of this world!

    21. A cauldron mug that will make their morning potion – I mean, morning tea – somehow taste even more magical.