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    26 Genius Products That Are Useful But Also Really Aesthetically Pleasing

    I guess you could say that they're pretty useful.

    1. Some pretty paper plates that look like fine china, so your next picnic can be a high-class affair.

    2. A pair of oversized sunglasses that might just steal your heart.

    3. A tiny handheld fan that's rechargeable, so it can keep you cool all summer long.

    4. A waterproof anti-theft backpack with a lightweight but spacious design that makes it a must have for day trips.

    5. An absolutely adorable silicone octopus that helps to foam up whatever facial cleanser you use and then rubs the product deeper into your pores!

    6. A rainbow pop-up fidget toy that's basically like having a never ending supply of bubble wrap.

    7. A lunar mouse pad that you'll probably love all the way to the moon and back.

    8. This adorable little fox that will cover your toothbrush and help it stay clean.

    9. A sunflower scratching post to help your cats file down their nails.

    10. These wooden fox coasters from Sass & Belle that protect your countertops in style.

    11. A set of planetary sticky notes that are almost too gorgeous to write on.

    12. A rainbow bath mat that will keep your floors dry and add a splash of colour to your bathroom.

    13. These multicoloured string lights that have photo clips, so you can display your favourite memories in style.

    14. A three-in-one leakproof bento box with a simple yet stylish design, so eating your homemade lunch outside feels like a fancy experience.

    15. Some heart-shaped leather bookmarks that fit perfectly onto the corner of the page.

    16. A cute cosmetics bag that's totally clear, so you can easily see everything that you have. It also makes a pretty great pencil case!

    17. A super soft microfibre blanket with a constellation pattern that glows in the dark.

    18. A silicone mould that makes giant ice spheres, AKA ice cubes but better.

    19. A wooden brush that makes cleaning your nails a whale of a time.

    20. This egg timer that looks like a juicy tomato, because why not add a bit of fun and function to your kitchen?

    21. A Frida Kahlo planter that will make your cactus feel like a work of art.

    22. A snail soap dispenser that's a great way to make washing your hands feel more fun (because the novelty of singing "Happy Birthday" twice has worn off).

    23. This set of geometric-patterned suitcases that are a stylish way to store knick-knacks, photos, and other memorabilia that you don't really know where to put.

    24. A magnetic key holder that's so pretty, it will make you feel like you're on cloud nine. Leave it right by your door so you never forget your keys again!

    25. Some adorable chair socks to prevent your furniture from scratching up your floors every time you move them.

    26. Some cable bites that prevent your chargers from fraying and becoming useless mere weeks after you buy them.