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    20 Tried And True Products That You Can Get For £9 Or Less

    Low prices and high ratings are the perfect combination!

    1. A cat self-grooming toy that you can stick onto any corner or wall. It will give your kitty a place to shed their fur that's NOT your sofa, carpet, or clothes.

    2. Some cute headbands that will make it look like you actually spent time on your hair.

    3. A biodegradable gel that will make cleaning your keyboard feel like you're just playing with slime. It's also really great at cleaning your car vents!

    4. An adorable tote bag that puts the "cat" in catchphrase.

    5. A bicycle pizza cutter that somehow makes pizza even more fun.

    6. This portion measuring tool, so you can always make the perfect amount of spaghetti.

    7. Some eyeliner and reusable false eyelashes that use MAGNETS to stay in place.

    8. Some little blue guys that will allow steam to vent from one side of the pot.

    9. A stunning liquid lipstick that can last for up to 12 hours!

    10. A wire-bound cactus notebook that's perfect for any plant parent.

    11. Some adorable gel pens that will put a smile on your face every time you use them.

    12. An Angry Mama microwave cleaner that loosens grease and crud without using harsh chemicals.

    13. A soothing stick that helps to relieve headaches by relaxing your forehead muscles.

    14. A pack of dermaplaning facial razors that shave off peach fuzz AND dead skin. They're also really great at shaping your eyebrows!

    15. A folding eyelash comb to separate and define your lashes while simultaneously getting rid of all those pesky mascara clumps.

    16. A satisfying grout pen that will make your bathroom tiles look so much cleaner. The pen has antibacterial properties that help prevent mould!

    17. An egg cooker that you can pop into the microwave for perfect omelettes, poached eggs, or scrambled eggs.

    18. An aesthetically-pleasing stand that'll help your makeup sponge stay clean and dry faster!

    19. A phone holder that clips onto the vents of your car so you can safely check your maps app while driving.

    20. A L'Oreal clay mask that's infused with charcoal to draw out gunk from your pores.