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    22 Products That I Know Work Because Thousands Of People Left A Five Star Review

    The people have spoken!

    1. Make mealtime a breeze with this microwave-friendly rice cooker that gives you delicious, fluffy grains in no time.

    2. The four powerful nodes on this popular massage pillow will knead away your tension at the end of the day.

    3. Indulge your cheeky side AND your creative side with this adult colouring book that contains rather colourful language.

    4. These mosquito-repelling bracelets give you up to 250 hours of protection against mosquitos, and they smell way better than regular bug spray.

    5. This aesthetically pleasing flat-top brush is perfect for blending foundation.

    6. This skincare oil increases elasticity and reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

    7. Everything Beyoncé touches turns to gold, so it's no surprise that her perfume gets such rave reviews.

    8. These Invisibobble hair ties apply uneven pressure around your ponytail to avoid tugging, ponytail dents, and breakage.

    9. Unlike disposable baking cups, these colourful reusable silicone cupcake liners don't need grease or cooking spray.

    10. This earwax removal syringe is a safer and more effective method of extracting earwax compared to cotton buds (which often just push the wax deeper into your ear canal).

    11. Mentally stimulate your dog with this interactive treat dispensing toy that teaches your doggo puzzle solving skills.

    12. These pimple patches help heal spots by preventing further pollutants from irritating the pore and absorbing any gunk from it.

    13. This sleek, portable phone charger means you'll never have to worry about your phone dying when there's no outlet in sight.

    14. Learn how to make bacon naan rolls, okra fries, masala chai, and more with the Dishoom cookbook.

    15. Make your eyebrows look fuller for longer with this eyebrow tint kit.

    16. These facial razors are great for shaping your eyebrows, removing peach fuzz, and exfoliating dead skin.

    17. These pastel highlighters are like regular highlighters, but better.

    18. Maximise cupboard space with this under-shelf rack that's perfect for hanging mugs.

    19. This popular gin-making kit has everything you need to transform vodka into artisanal gin infused with juniper berries

    20. These blind spot mirrors stick onto your rear-view mirrors and expand your viewing angle for safer driving.

    21. Give yourself a spa day with this mud mask infused with willow bark (a natural source of salicylic acid) – it's got rave reviews!

    22. This gross (yet satisfying) copper tongue scraper removes gunk, bacteria, and food buildup, AKA all the things that cause bad breath.