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    These Completely Different Characters Are Somehow The Same Age

    "Huh. Who knew?" – me, writing this list.

    1. Bart Simpson and Tracy Beaker are both 10.

    20th Century Fox Television/BBC

    Only Tracy 'Bog Off' Beaker could make Bart 'Eat My Shorts' Simpson seem like a relatively well-behaved child.

    2. Sansa Stark and Harry Potter both started their journeys at the age of 11.

    Warner Bros., HBO

    Some people get Hogwarts, others get King's Landing. While Sansa is 11 in the book, she was aged up to be between 13 to 14 in the HBO adaptation.

    3. Miguel from Coco and Percy Jackson from The Lightning Thief are both 12.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture/20th Century Fox

    Even weirder, both characters visit the dead. Miguel accidentally goes to the Land of the Dead, and Percy goes to the Underworld on a quest.

    4. Lizzie McGuire and Daenerys are both 13.

    Disney / HBO

    Just like Sansa, Daenerys is older in the HBO adaptation than she was in the source material. In the books, her age is explicitly stated as 13, but in the show she's at least 17 since roughly 17 years have passed since Robert's Rebellion.

    5. Juliet from Romeo & Juliet and Dustin from Stranger Things are both 13.

    Paramount Pictures/Netflix

    In the play, Juliet is described as being not yet fourteen. In the first season of Stranger Things, Dustin is 12 which means he's somewhere between 13 and 14 in season 3.

    6. Morty and Hannah Montana are both 14.

    Williams Street/Disney

    Hannah Montana gets the best of both worlds, while Morty gets the worst of multiple worlds, realities, and dimensions.

    7. Snow White, Steven Universe, and Danny Phantom are also 14.

    Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network Studios, Walt Disney Pictures

    The takeaway here is that Snow White GOT MARRIED AT 14.

    8. Princess Mononoke and Buffy Summers are two badass 15-year-olds.

    The WB/Toho

    Can you imagine the sheer power of a Buffy-Mononoke cross over?

    9. Spiderman and Ariel are both 16!

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture

    While Peter Parker was trying to balance high school and heroics, Ariel was voicelessly wooing Prince Eric.

    10. Katniss and Jughead are also both 16.

    Lionsgate Films/The CW

    Both are played by older actors. Jennifer Lawrence was 20 in The Hunger Games, and Cole Sprouse was 24 in the first season of Riverdale.

    11. Rose from Titanic, Bella from Twilight, and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender are all 17.

    Nickelodeon/Paramount Pictures/Summit Entertainment

    Three 17-year-olds, three very different stories.

    12. Cinderella, April Ludgate, and Rey are all 19.

    NBC/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Can you imagine the pure chaotic good of a Cinderella / Parks and Rec / Star Wars crossover?

    13. Elsa from Frozen and Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Grey are both 21.

    Universal Pictures/Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture

    Elsa's coronation follows her 21st birthday, aka her 'coming of age.' Anastasia meets Christian Grey when she is a 21-year-old college senior.

    14. Jane Villanueva from Jane the Virgin and Ilana Wexler from Broad City are both 23 at the start of their respective shows.

    Comedy Central/The CW

    Just goes to show you that there's no single right way to do your twenties!

    15. Judy Hopps from Zootopia and Rachel Green from Friends are both 24.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture / NBC

    Well, technically we don't know Rachel's age in the first season of Friends, but fans have deduced that she's somewhere between 24 and 25 by reverse engineering "The One Where They All Turn Thirty" episode. Rachel turned 30 sometime in 2001, which means that by the end of the first season (which takes place from 1994 to1995), she's 24.

    16. Flynn Rider from Tangled and Claire from Outlander are both 26.

    Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture/Starz

    They also both have younger love interests! Rapunzel is 18 and Jamie is 23.

    17. Phoebe Buffay and Captain America are both 27.

    Paramount Pictures / NBC

    In the first season of Friends, Phoebe is 27 – the same age Steve Rogers is when he gets injected with the super-soldier serum. Sounds like no one told either of them that life was gonna be this way.

    18. Finally, Baby Yoda and Frodo are both 50 years young.

    New Line Cinema/Disney+

    Due to the way its species ages, Baby Yoda is still a baby at the age of 50. Hobbits also age more slowly than humans. Frodo is 33 at the start of Lord of the Rings and is 50 when he begins his journey to return the ring to Mordor.

    What are other characters you were surprised to learn were the same age? Share them in the comments below!

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