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    It's "Star Wars" Day! Here's 21 Things To Help You Celebrate

    May the fourth be with you!

    It's May 4th, AKA Star Wars Day! Here are some fun products to celebrate the epic saga from long, long ago (in a galaxy far, far away).

    1. Go behind the scenes with The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler and see exclusive content from the Lucasfilm archives. If you get the ebook, you also get to see 26 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage!

    2. This retro-style jumper will keep you warmer than a Tauntaun.

    3. Celebrate the world's cutest character (and the best meme) with this Baby Yoda Funko pop.

    4. Where's the Wookie? is a challenging-but-fun search activity book. Compete with your housemates to see who can spot Chewie the fastest!

    5. This retro recruitment poster for the Resistance is a fun but subtle way to showcase your fandom.

    6. These Star Wars inspired facemasks, because a bit of self-care will help you stop feeling like a scruffy Nerf herder.

    7. Can you complete this Millenium Falcon jigsaw puzzle in less than 12 parsecs?

    8. Jedi fashion is all about comfort, so this edgy T-shirt dress would be Yoda-approved.

    9. This Bounty Hunter mug will tide you over until the second season of The Mandalorian premieres.

    10. This enamel BB-8 pin will remind you to just keeping rolling on, no matter what life throws at you.

    11. This retro-style Star Wars T-Shirt will show your support for the Rebel Alliance.

    12. These stunning Star Wars posters come in a variety of locations, so you can select your favourite Star Wars planet – be it Endor or Tattoine.

    13. The nostalgia is strong with this VHS notebook.

    14. This Star Wars origami kit requires the patience and focus of a Jedi.

    15. Get comfy in these Star Wars-patterned jogging bottoms.

    16. This Darth Vader apron is a great way to let people know not to mess with you in the kitchen.

    17. Sip like a Stormtrooper with this set of Death Star tumblers.

    18. This set of three storage tins are perfect for containing your tea bags, biscuits, or Imperial credits.

    19. This TIE fighter lamp will bring some light to the dark side of your desk.

    20. Or, if you'd rather fly Solo, you should try this Millenium Falcon lamp.

    21. This lightsaber lead glows in the dark so you and your dog have high visibility during nighttime walks.

    You, after buying some Star Wars merch: