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    27 Small But Nifty Products You Should Probably Already Own

    Mini but mighty.

    1. These collapsible silicone trivets will protect your counter from heat damage.

    2. This cosmetic pencil sharpener will keep your eyeliner crayons, lip liners, and other cosmetic pencils good as new.

    3. This handy brush dispenses soap as you scrub for an easier, more vigorous clean.

    4. This tiny machine converts any water bottle into a mini humidifier.

    5. If you choose to remove body hair, this waterproof, portable hair remover can shave/trim your underarms, legs, and bikini line.

    6. If you shave, Tend solution prevents ingrown hairs and razor bumps so you can have a smooth, itch-free shave.

    7. This vegan makeup brush is retractable, so it is super easy to travel with.

    8. This toothbrush sanitiser uses UV light to kill nasty bacteria, because your toothbrush can get SERIOUSLY disgusting.

    9. Every kitchen needs a pair of multipurpose kitchen scissors.

    10. This phone ring makes it easier to hold your phone even when your hands are full AND doubles as a phone stand.

    11. These cute coasters will protect your countertops from stains and totally impress your guests with your adulting skills.

    12. Interdental brushes are so much better than regular floss. Your teeth (and your dentist) will thank you!

    13. This screen protector prevents your phone from being cracked and scratched up without reducing touch sensitivity. It's a win-win!

    14. This tiny but powerful diffuser will keep your car smelling like your favourite essential oils and not old french fries.

    15. This adorable lip balm will keep your lips smooth and moisturised. This one is vanilla-mint flavoured!

    16. This chic phone case has pockets for your cards. It's perfect for concerts, festivals, and other events where it's inconvenient to bring a wallet.

    17. These adhesive webcam covers will protect your privacy because we live in a nightmare, Black Mirror world of hacking. Put them on your laptop, your tablet, and any other device with a webcam.

    18. This insanely cheap microneedle roller stimulates collagen which helps your skin maintain it's elasticity and reduces the appearance of acne scars.

    19. This scrubbing brush is specially designed to efficiently clean your knives and cutlery.

    20. This leather organiser can hold seven to nine keys, saving space and preventing the sharp edges of your keys from scratching your phone and wallet.

    21. This light-up compact mirror will let you touch up your makeup anywhere, anytime.

    22. This mini-knife sharpener will keep even your oldest knives in tip-top shape.

    23. This little steamer will clean your microwave without harsh chemicals found in other cleaning products.

    24. You can use this 16-in-1 mini hammer for a variety of problems. This tiny tool works as a screwdriver, a cutting knife, an opener, and more!

    25. These nail clippers actually catch your clippings instead of sending them flying across the room.

    26. If you drive, you should definitely have this magnetic phone holder that attaches to your car's vents.

    27. This rose gold stand both displays your makeup sponge and allows it to dry quickly and hygienically.