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    17 Skincare Products That Are Kinda Gross But Also Super Satisfying

    I can't look away!

    1. This popular blackhead vacuum uses suction to draw out oil and gunk from your pores.

    2. This face mask infused with tumeric extract peels off, taking blackheads, dead skin, and other impurities with it.

    3. The dark charcoal in this peel-off mask helps to draw out gunk which you'll then get to actually see when you peel it off.

    4. This exfoliating mitt will make your body silky smooth, but be warned – the amount of dead skin it rubs off is horrifying.

    5. These multipurpose facial razors can be used to shape your eyebrows, remove upper lip hair, and exfoliate dead facial skin.

    6. These translucent pimple patches help bring your spots to a head overnight by absorbing the secretions and oils from the pore.

    7. Blot away that midday oil buildup on your T-zone with these charcoal-infused tissues that soak up sweat, oil, and other moistures.

    8. Pop, extract, and scrape with this six-piece kit that helps you hygienically manage acne and blackheads.

    9. This peppermint lip scrub exfoliates away all that dead and chapped skin on your lips.

    10. This peel-off mask that's infused with aloe vera will make it look a bit like you're peeling off your own skin – but it's also a great way to reduce the appearance of blackheads.

    11. This lip brush is essentially a loofah for your lips. It scrubs away dead and chapped skin, leaving your lips smooth.

    12. This sheet mask bubbles up when exposed to air! The bubbles help remove impurities from your skin, but they will also make your face look a bit like a suds-monster.

    13. These foot masks cause your dead, hard skin to peel away, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

    14. This skincare gadget cleans out your pores and removes dead skin through its vibrations.

    15. This microfibre face cloth just needs water to remove a full face of makeup. You'll be fascinated but also slightly scared by how makeup comes off with a single wipe.

    16. This exfoliating brush treats and prevents pesky ingrown hairs on your legs and bikini line.

    17. This face steamer opens up your pores and softens skin, which makes removing dead skin, dirt, and oils more easily.