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    18 Products That You'll Probably Wish You Had Bought Ages Ago

    Honestly, how do I not already own all of these?

    1. Beat the heat (and have a little fun) with this frozen cocktail recipe book.

    2. This vibrator from Ann Summers is specifically designed to stimulate your G-spot, but it also works as an external vibrator.

    3. Get a better night's sleep with this soothing weighted blanket.

    4. You can say farewell to neck pain with this vibrating massager that wraps around you like a scarf.

    5. This metallic washi tape is a fun and easy way to spruce up your furniture.

    6. Instantly and easily cook delicious food with this touchscreen Lakeland air fryer – it's designed to only need a teaspoon of oil for deliciously crispy results.

    7. Protect your eyes in style with these Oliver Bonas sunglasses.

    8. Say goodbye to crying when you cook with these onion goggles.

    9. This self-care book has 150 tips, quotes, and fun facts to help you take some time for yourself.

    10. This microfibre hair turban will dry your hair way faster than a regular cotton towel AND causes less damage.

    11. This fun grapefruit slice puts the "cool" in cooler bag.

    12. When you're done drinking, this reusable, aquamarine water bottle conveniently collapses into a little sphere.

    13. Unleash your wild side during your next workout with these animal illustrated yoga cards featuring 50 different poses. Instructions for each pose are on the back of the card, so even yoga newbies can follow along!

    14. This adorable planter from Sass & Belle is an eye-catching way to display your plants.

    15. These abstract face coasters will protect your countertops and look amazing while doing so.

    16. This 'Sleep Well' kit contains a pillow spray, bath oil, and roller ball, each infused with soothing essential oils to help you unwind after a long day.

    17. This cute and quirky llama duster has polyester fibres that are designed to pick up even the finest bits of dust and cobweb strands.

    18. This powerful massager has a strap, so you can easily position it against your lower back or across your shoulders.