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    21 Renter-Friendly Home Decorations That Even Your Landlord Would Approve Of

    Because there's no place like (your rented) home.

    1. Can't paint your walls? Try some removable wallpaper that you can easily take down without damaging the walls.

    2. This cheerful braided rug will brighten any room while protecting your floors.

    3. This delicate tree light has a timer function to help save energy.

    4. The wax of this citrus-scented candle is mixed with dried botanicals and a real citrine gemstone that reveals itself as the wax melts away.

    5. These macramé hangings will make any room feel more welcoming.

    6. These rose lights will give your bedroom a warm, cosy glow.

    7. This alarm clock is so pretty, you won't be mad when it wakes you up.

    8. This edgy tapestry decorates your wall without damaging it.

    9. Fairy lights are an easy way to make a small space feel warm and inviting, and this one also displays your photos.

    10. A set of mirrors that are almost as stunning as the people they reflect.

    11. These mounted indoor terrariums are a great way to show off your quirky side.

    12. This string curtain is made from environmentally friendly yarn.

    13. If you've got little-to-no countertop space in your bathroom, this self-adhesive shelf is an easy way to get more storage.

    14. This bath curtain will have guests showering you with compliments.

    15. Spruce up your furniture with these floral doorknobs which are perfect for drawers, cabinets, and wardrobes.

    16. Or maybe you'd prefer these unbeelievibly cute handles that can make any cabinet whimsical AF.

    17. You'll go starry-eyed for these constellation wall stickers that are easily removable.

    18. Or maybe you'll be over the moon for this dramatic lunar decal.

    19. These blackout curtains have a charming starry pattern.

    20. A super-soft throw blanket will bring a pop of colour to any room.

    21. This little rhinoceros stool doubles as a storage space