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    36 Random And Cheap Gifts That I Think Anyone Would Be Happy To Receive

    Everything's under £10!

    1. A delicious chocolate box with 24 miniature bars of of Green and Black's milk, dark, and white chocolate.

    2. A pack of five miniature Yankee Candles with relaxing aromas like "Cliffside Sunrise" and "Beach Escape".

    3. An adorable hamster keychain that redefines what it means to be fluffy.

    4. A dual-ended eyeliner stamp that will give them an instant symmetrical cat-eye.

    5. A tentacle ring that will help them channel their inner Ursula (Ariel may have been the protagonist of The Little Mermaid, but Ursula was the icon).

    6. A scalp massager that, judging by the 2,000+ five-star reviews, will give them the *ultimate* head scratch.

    7. Some cloud-shaped bath bombs that fizz rainbow colours when placed in water. They can literally bathe in a rainbow!

    8. Some fairy lights for your friend who just moved into a new flat. They’re a quick and easy way to decorate any space!

    9. This chic faux pearl hair clip that makes any ‘do look ten times fancier.

    10. A rolling foot massager that's the perfect gift for people who love going on long walks but hate getting sore feet afterwards.

    11. Three boxes of cocoa-dusted truffles, because who doesn't love getting chocolate? Seriously, who?

    12. An absolutely adorable silicone octopus that's as cute as it is useful. The little bumps help foam up whatever facial cleanser they use and rubs the product deeper into their pores!

    13. A wine thermometer that will make sure they always drink their vino at the perfect temperature.

    14. A tiny yet terrific orange-scented candle that has a burn time of 35 hours. Not bad for £6!

    15. A webcam cover, because privacy and web security are the best gifts you can give.

    16. These fake succulents, so even their windowless rooms can get that plant aesthetic.

    17. A pink glaze mug that looks so fancy, nobody will believe it cost less than £10.

    18. A LastSwab, AKA a reusable alternative to cotton buds, for your BFF who's a beauty enthusiast and also cares about the environment.

    19. These cat coasters that are purrfect for protecting their countertops.

    20. An adorable hug token that will remind them how much you miss them.

    21. A feline astrology guide for your favourite cat parent. It's full of fun horoscopes, tarot reading guides, and even paw-reading charts.

    22. A running belt so they can bring their phone, keys, and cards with them on a jog while keeping their hands free.

    23. Some adorable sprout bookmarks that will definitely grow on them the more they use them.

    24. A Baby Yoda stress ball that will help them relieve some anxiety and bring balance to The Force.

    25. A glitzy multicoloured headband, because rhinestones are a girl's best friend.

    26. A pair of minimalist stud earrings that might just steal their heart.

    27. A Totoro keychain that might not guard the forest, but will guard their keys.

    28. A Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask that's infused with soothing ingredients like lavender and chamomile.

    29. Some Central Perk lip balms for that friend who'll be there for you when the rain starts to fall.

    30. This sticker pack inspired by The Office for your friend who still blurts out "That's what she said!" after each accidental innuendo.

    31. An adorable sloth eye mask to take their naps to the next level.

    32. A personalised makeup bag that will seem like a thoughtful gift, even if the only thing you know about them is their name.

    33. An Among Us-inspired plushie that's so cute, only an imposter wouldn't want it.

    34. A hilarious Kermit pin that's basically the best thing you can buy for less than £2.

    35. A minimalist trinket dish that's perfect for holding all of their pretty little things.

    36. Some pastel highlighters that are just like regular highlighters, but better.