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    21 Products To Help You Stop Losing The Stuff You Always Lose

    *Daniel Day-Lewis voice* "I will find you!"

    1. This key organiser will keep all your keys in one place.

    2. This lucky unicorn will make sure you stop losing your rings.

    3. If you can never find your charger, try wearing this bracelet which just happens to also be a charger because the future is now.

    4. This visor clip, so you never have to go rummaging for your sunglasses or cards when you should be focusing on driving.

    5. This AirPod case keychain also comes with a strap, so you never have to fear losing an Airpod.

    6. The handy device fills the gaps between the seats of your car, so you won't lose your keys/spare change/phone to the void.

    7. This security cable keeps your remote in one place.

    8. This stick-on phone wallet keeps your phone and cards in one place.

    9. These drawer organisers will make it crazy easy to find matching socks without ransacking your drawers.

    10. This hollow keychain ensures that you'll always have cash on hand in case of an emergency.

    11. These colourful covers make your keys easier to spot and helps you differentiate between your keys.

    12. This drawstring makeup bag opens all the way so you can see all your makeup at once.

    13. This genius hanger displays your favourite scarves so you don't have to dig through your dresser every time you want to be cute and cosy.

    14. These bright macaron boxes will protect your smaller valuables, like your earrings, your SD card, or your earphones.

    15. This little book holds all your earrings so they're all in one place.

    16. This sock organiser will prevent your socks from getting separated in the laundry.

    17. This magnetic glasses holder means you always have a place to put your specs.

    18. A stylish bum bag gives you a place to safely store all your necessities.

    19. If you always lose your page, try this elastic bookmark that shows you the exact word you left off on.

    20. Keep your chargers in place with these self-adhesive cable clips.

    21. Finally, this Tile Mate will locate your most essential items at the press of a button.