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    29 Products That Can Help You Start 2020 On The Right Foot

    Start the New Year right!

    1. A stylish planner because stress, missed deadlines, and overbooking should stay in 2019.

    2. A massage pillow so you can say goodbye to neck and back pain and hello to a relaxed 2020.

    3. A kettle descaler sachet, because we should all resolve to have limescale-free tea this year.

    4. Some pimple patches that heal your spots overnight, because you deserve an easier, more effective skincare regimen.

    5. Some light weights so you can ease yourself into an at home workout regime.

    6. An embroidery kit, so you can start a new hobby and develop a new skill. Each kit comes with four pieces of cotton fabric, four embroidery hoops, four sets of embroidery threads, eight needles, and a pair of scissors!

    7. An incredibly powerful mould remover so 2020 can be a clean start – literally.

    8. A reusable water bottle that tells you how much more water you have to drink.

    9. A yummy cookbook that will teach you how to make healthy and affordable meals. Your body and your bank account will thank you!

    10. Reusable beeswax wraps because they're way better for the environment than plastic wrap.

    11. This one-line-a-day diary, so you can become more thoughtul and reflective.

    12. These biodegradable dog waste bags and bag dispenser so cleaning up after your doggo is a less messy event.

    13. Some teeth whitening strips that will brighten your smile in just 14 days.

    14. A portable phone charger because having a low battery is so last year.

    15. This Japanese art wall calendar, so it's like your home has different painting each month.

    16. A Poem For Every Night Of The Year, edited by Allie Esiri, so you can become cultured AF. The book is a brilliant collection of 366 hilarious, heartbreaking, and beautiful poems.

    17. An alarm clock that wakes you up with light, so you feel well-rested throughout the day.

    18. A copper tongue scraper, because bad breath has no place in the twenties.

    19. The Financial Diet by Chelsea Fagan so you can face your financial fears and take charge of your money.

    20. A multipurpose slicer/spiralizer, because why waste the beginning of the decade struggling to chop your veg?

    21. A reusable interdental brush so that this year, you can finally look your dentist in the eye and say that yes, you DO floss daily.

    22. A dehumidifier that fits in your glove compartment, so you can drive in comfort, free from that weird-wet smell your car gets in the winter.

    23. These leggings with pockets because why don't all leggings have pockets already? They come in sizes XS-XXL and in several colours including black, pink, and navy.

    24. Some noise-isolating headphones that will make your commute way less stressful this year.

    25. This bewitching mug, because coffee is literally magic.

    26. This knife sharpener, because dull knives are actually way more dangerous than sharp knives. Do your fingers a favour and say goodbye to dangerous, dull knives in 2020.

    27. This badass pin, so you'll remember what *not* to take in 2020.

    28. This exfoliating peppermint lip scrub so your lips stay smooth and moisturised during the rest of the winter.

    29. These snail-shaped tea clips, because fishing for your tea string should be a thing of the past.