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    Just 20 Fun Things For People Who Are Obsessed With The Colour Black

    Black is the new black.

    1. Accessorise your backpack, blazer, or denim jacket with this set of spooky – yet spectacular – enamel pins.

    2. Decorate your walls without damaging them by hanging up this minimalist tapestry of linked hands.

    3. This bewitching cauldron mug will make you feel like you're brewing a potion every time you make a cup of tea.

    4. These black wire LED lights, because even people with dark aesthetics need good lighting.

    5. If you have an Instax camera, you'll love this film that gives your photos a black border.

    6. There's also black border film for Polaroid cameras.

    7. This chic block calendar is an aesthetically pleasing way of remembering what day it is.

    8. These matching sugar, coffee, and tea canisters will help give your kitchen a more cohesive look.

    9. Add some boho vibes to your bedroom with this black macramé wall hanging.

    10. These four black and white pillow covers will give your throw pillows an edgy makeover.

    11. If you prefer a more minimalist pattern, these black and white pillow covers with simple triangle designs might do the trick.

    12. Decorate your walls, scrapbook, and even furniture with these fun black and white rolls of washi tape.

    13. These gorgeous black and gold succulent pots come with bamboo trays that prevent water and soil from damaging your surfaces.

    14. Look cool and stay cool with this black handheld fan.

    15. These distressed silver and black mirrors reflect the fact that the colour black is 90% of your aesthetic.

    16. This vintage-inspired hair accessory is definitely a statement piece – the statement being "my favourite colour is black."

    17. You can hang these wooden letters on a wall or let them stand freely on a shelf – whatever method you go for, these letters are a quick and easy way to personalise your room.

    18. There's something so relaxing about this geometric mountain tapestry.

    19. For a casual Morticia Addams vibe, try this popular maxi dress that has 693 Amazon reviews and an average rating of 4.3 stars.

    20. Give your plants the home they deserve with these black macramé plant hangers.