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    32 Practical Products That Really Do All The Work For You

    "Work, work, work, work, work." – Rihanna.

    1. These pimple patches bring your spots to a head overnight, speeding up the healing process.

    2. This quick bunmaker will give you the perfect updo in 10 seconds or less.

    3. This handheld milk frother means you can have the perfect frappuccino without going to a coffee shop.

    4. Getting your eyeliner to match can be a nightmare unless you have this handy eyeliner stamp.

    5. This satisfying AF watermelon cutter means you can make a stunning fruit salad without any mess.

    6. With an average 4-star rating and 6,779 reviews on Amazon, it's safe to say that the Satisfyer Next Generation has earned its name. It's a touch-free clitoral stimulator that's waterproof and super quiet. Have fun!

    7. This handy brush is specially designed to clean sharp knives safely and easily.

    8. An automatic feeder for your pet that makes sure they have their meals on time even when you're working late.

    9. A reusable water bottle that motivates you to drink more water because staying properly hydrated is actually pretty difficult.

    10. And this dish squeegee will scrape the food off your plates super effectively.

    11. This powerful water flosser will make your gums so healthy your dentist will be asking you for tips.

    12. When you wear these comfy slippers, you'll clean the house just by walking around.

    13. An electric toothbrush is way more powerful than a regular one, and it's also way more effective. Clean your teeth better AND faster.

    14. This multipurpose slicer will chop your vegetables into even and consistent pieces. All you have to do is press!

    15. This Tub Shroom catches and collects your hair so it doesn't clog the shower drain.

    16. This six-minute-a-day diary asks you questions like "What are currently the three thoughts you have most frequently?" so you never have to figure out what to write.

    17. This silicone popcorn maker can make 15 cups of popcorn in less than four minutes. All you have to do is pour in the kernels and pop it in the microwave.

    18. This facial cleansing brush removes makeup, cleanses, exfoliates, and massages at the press of a button.

    19. Instead of scrubbing away at your microwave with a sponge, just fill this Angry Mom cleaner with water and vinegar and pop her in the microwave for seven minutes.

    20. An eyelash serum that makes your lashes look longer without mascara. Just apply a little bit each night!

    21. A cable winder that prevents your earphones from getting tangled into an intricate knot.

    22. Just apply these pore strips, watch a couple of YouTube videos, and then peel them (and all the gunk from your pores) off!

    23. This genius device thoroughly cleans your makeup brushes within 30 seconds –way faster than handwashing them.

    24. This bagel slicer smoothly halves your bagel with minimal effort.

    25. A peel-off cuticle guard that keeps the nail polish on your nails and not on your skin.

    26. A clip-on colander so you can drain your pasta singlehandedly.

    27. An adjustable blind spot mirror so you can perfectly parallel park every time.

    28. A rapid egg cooker that will make you poached eggs or an omelette while you're watching Netflix.

    29. A folding board that neatly folds your clothes in three seconds or less, meaning you can spend less time doing laundry and more time doing literally anything else.

    30. Nail clippers that catch your clippings instead of sending them flying all over your bedroom.

    31. Slowcooker liners that, get this, line your slowcooker and make clean up a breeze.

    32. Smelly trainers? Just pop in these purifier bags that absorb and neutralise bad odours WITHOUT harsh chemicals.