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    27 Popular Accessories That Nobody Will Believe You Bought On Amazon

    Including a truly stunning birth flower necklace.

    1. A minimalist faux opal necklace that's perfect for layering with other accessories.

    2. A set of 20 hair barrettes that you can mix and match to make any hairstyle look fancier.

    3. A pair of oversized heart sunglasses that will protect your eyes in style.

    4. A pair of whimsical earrings that look like bubble tea, AKA the best beverage of all time.

    5. A clutch bag that looks like a spirit board, because supernatural-chic is a valid aesthetic.

    6. Some knotted headbands that are a quick way to turn a bad hair day into an "oh, that's a cute headband!" day.

    7. These bow scrunchies that will give your entire outfit a fun vintage vibe.

    8. Some stretchy elastic headbands that are as comfy as they are stylish.

    9. A set of four floral scrunchies that look like hair scarves and will add some pizzazz to your regular ponytail.

    10. A trio of elegant hair pins that you can wear whenever you want to feel a lil' fancy.

    11. A celestial necklace that you can customise with the constellation of your star sign for an astrology-chic look.

    12. This necklace that's made with a real dandelion – it's the perfect combination of whimsical and romantic.

    13. And this necklace that's made with real daisies preserved in a resin pendant. It's sheer cottagecore goals!

    14. A set of ten black chokers that will let you add a bit of the '90s to any outfit.

    15. Metallic leaf pins that you can stick into your bun for a subtle elven queen look.

    16. A pair of sunglasses with a retro-inspired cat-eye shape that's purrfect for sunny weather.

    17. An elegant rose gold choker that's guaranteed to get you loads of compliments every time you wear it.

    18. An adorable frog bucket hat that's so cute, you'll be hopping for joy.

    19. Some elastic scrunchies that won't tug at your hair or cause breakage.

    20. A dramatic statement ring that's probably the most luxurious thing you can buy for under £3.

    21. These quirky scissor hair slides that will make any hairstyle seem cutting edge.

    22. A pair of sloth earrings that will remind you to take it slow every once in a while.

    23. A glitzy multicoloured headband, because rhinestones are a girl's best friend.

    24. A reversible bucket hat that's basically two accessories for the price of one.

    25. A cute leaf ring that's stunning AF and costs less than £9.

    26. A large floppy hat to protect your skin from the sun and make you feel like you're on a beach holiday.

    27. Finally, a stunning necklace that you can customise with your very own birth flower!