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    17 Plus-Size Looks From Nasty Gal That I Think Belong In Your Wardrobe

    Sizes range from 14-24!

    1. This wrap dress with a high leg slit is so comfortable and stylish, you'll want to wear it seven days a week.

    2. This black mini dress with an electric blue floral pattern is a dynamic look for day or night.

    3. You'll be swimming in praise with this simple-yet-sexy one piece that has a dramatic plunge neckline.

    4. Slip into this sexy mini dress for a '90s-inspired summer look.

    5. I heard a rumour that this Fleetwood Mac T-shirt is a great way to look casual AND cute.

    6. This long-sleeve polka dot shirt has a relaxed silhouette, so you can be comfy and professional.

    7. And this black shirt dress with white polka dots is a playful outfit that has pockets. I repeat, this adorable mini dress has pockets!

    8. This fuzzy, cream-coloured cardigan is the perfect thing to pop over a sundress when the nights get cold.

    9. This floral midi dress with a ruffled hem has a '90s pattern but a modern silhouette.

    10. This white smock dress with long sleeves has subtle cottagecore energy, and honestly, I'm into it.

    11. This cheerful yellow frock puts the sun in sundress.

    12. You'll feel like Olivia Pope in this chic longline jacket with a tailored silhouette.

    13. This graphic T-shirt is the perfect balance between romantic and goth.

    A grey T-shirt of a skeleton handing holding a rose. "Till Death Do Us Part" is printed in white font.

    14. This pink leopard print midi skirt is the perfect outfit for prowling around the town.

    A model wearing a long sleeved-black crop top and a high-waisted pink midi skirt that has one leg slit.

    15. This oversized white sweatshirt is the ultimate look for anyone who is just over 2020.

    16. You'll get loads of compliments whenever you wear this off-the-shoulder crop top with sheer polka dot sleeves.

    17. This off-the-shoulder polka dot bathing suit has a playful vintage energy.