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    27 Nifty Kitchen Products That Will Probably Make Your Life Easier

    Honestly, how did I not already own all of these?

    1. This handheld blender makes it easy to make your own smoothies, soups, and purées .

    2. This non-stick baking mat has markings in it that tell you what size you're rolling your dough to. The back of the mat is designed to grip your countertop, so it stays in place.

    3. Stripping herbs by hand can be tiring, so get yourself a herb-stripper that doubles as a measuring cup!

    4. These heat-resistant meat claws make shredding meat easy and fun!

    5. For quick yet impressive dishes, you can't go wrong with this Tasty cookbook! It's packed full of easy and delicious recipes like "Baked Avocado Eggs" and "Greek Spatchcocked Chicken."

    6. Scoop and drain food straight from hot pots or pans with this dishwasher-safe scoop colander that comes with a nifty hook so you can safely rest it over the pan.

    7. If you find peeling garlic by hand infuriating, these silicone tubes that easily peel garlic cloves are a godsend.

    8. This popular sushi-making kit with over 1,000 reviews means you can make your own rolls exactly as you like them. The different moulds allow you to make multiple shapes and styles of sushi.

    9. For a cheaper option, go with this bamboo sushi kit that will still make you delicious rolls. The kit also comes with five pairs of chopsticks!

    10. This mini waffle maker, because literally everybody loves a good waffle.

    11. Make your own popcorn in the microwave with this highly popular popcorn maker. It only takes two to three minutes!

    12. This genius dicer that cuts your potato into perfect chips because it's time we admit that there is nothing better than chips.

    13. And this chopper will give you the perfect crinkle-cut potato.

    14. Cut your prep time in half with this veggie dicer that's incredibly easy to use.

    15. This spiraliser with four blades is perfect for making courgette pasta and other nutritious meals.

    16. This satisfying garlic mincer makes finely chopping your cloves a breeze. It'll prevent your hands from getting that garlicky smell that you can never seem to wash off, too!

    17. Once you start using this apple slicer, you'll wonder how you ever cut apples by hand.

    18. This silicone mould makes four healthy and delicious fruitsicles that are perfect for babies and toddlers.

    19. Once you have this pasta maker, you'll constantly be saying "store-bought pasta just isn't the same as homemade."

    20. This three-in-one tool halves, pits, and slices your avocados with ease.

    21. This spaghetti portion tool will tell you how much spaghetti you need to boil for up to four people.

    22. An oven thermometer that will give you precise readings so you'll never have to serve a dry chicken or an underbaked cake again.

    23. Just pop this rice cooker in the microwave for a couple of minutes to get a delicious and healthy side dish.

    24. This Wagamama cookbook will make a night in taste like a night out. The gyoza recipe looks especially delicious.

    25. These reusable, non-stick baking mats because nobody wants to spend ages try to scrub food off of a tray.

    26. Likewise, nobody wants to scrub down an oven every time you make a roast chicken. Luckily, there are these handy oven liners that you can just peel off, wash in the sink, and then place back in the oven.

    27. This convenient knife sharpener is compact and effective, with 3,151 reviews and average rating of 4.7 stars.