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    17 Products To Help Make The Most Out Of Your Microwave

    Because, if you're clever, a microwave is really all you need.

    1. This Meal in a Mug cookbook is full of recipes you can make with a mug and a microwave, so you'll enjoy delicious food with minimal effort.

    2. This microwave rice steamer makes cooking rice, couscous, and polenta a breeze.

    3. Microwaves aren't just for food! You can use yours to warm up this eye compress that's filled with lavender and flaxseed.

    4. This dishwasher-safe appliance helps you make the perfect baked potato in your microwave.

    5. Clean your microwave with this Angry Mama steam cleaner. It loosens dirt and grease, so you can wipe away old splatter stains with ease.

    6. These food containers are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and freezer safe.

    7. If you love avocado toast, then you'll adore this toasty avocado pocket warmer. To heat it up, just pop it in the microwave!

    8. If you prefer tiny llamas over tiny avocados, then this fuzzy pocket warmer is for you.

    9. A microwave cover will prevent splatter stains and also ensure your food comes out at the perfect temperature.

    10. If you've got a sweet tooth, you'll love this mug cake cookbook. Each recipe can be made in the microwave!

    11. And if you're obsessed with chocolate, then this chocolate mug cake recipe book is for you.

    12. Start your morning with some delicious bacon thanks to this microwaveable bacon tray.

    13. This collapsible popcorn maker means your favourite healthy snack just got way easier to make.

    14. Start your day right with some poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or mini omelettes thanks to this microwave egg cooker.

    15. This microwave vegetable steamer will make getting your five a day that much easier.

    16. Protect your microwave from dust with this stylish protective cover.

    17. Keep your feet cosy at night with these fluffy microwaveable boots.

    You, living your best microwave life.