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    28 Kitchen Products From Amazon That Work So Well, They Got Over 1,000 Reviews

    Including an ice cream maker!

    1. This cutlery organiser is an aesthetically pleasing way to maximise precious drawer space.

    2. As the days get hotter, why not buy this ice lolly maker so you can make some cold treats whenever you want?

    3. This scrubber brush is specifically designed to thoroughly and safely clean sharp knives and other cutlery.

    4. If you find peeling garlic by hand infuriating, these silicone tubes that easily peel garlic cloves are a godsend.

    5. Stripping herbs by hand can be tiring, so get yourself a herb stripper that doubles as a measuring cup!

    6. This powerful kitchen cleaning spray cuts through grease and grime like it's NBD.

    7. This stackable cabinet with a sliding basket door is perfect for storing your cleaning products or spices.

    8. Swap your disposable kitchen roll for these reusable, biodegradable sponge cloths that work just as well but don't create unnecessary waste.

    9. The Pink Stuff cleaning paste is gentle on surfaces but tough on stains, so it can clean your pots and pans without scraping them. It's also great at removing rust and discolouration!

    10. This cast-iron griddle distributes heat evenly across its entire surface, helping you make the perfect pancakes!

    11. The easy to clean design of this Danish whisk prevents dough from clumping and getting caught between the wires.

    12. This ice cream maker can also be used to whip-up homemade gelato and frozen yogurt.

    13. This three-stage knife sharpener can restore your dull knives to their former glory with just a few swipes. It works with straight-edged knives and serrated knives!

    14. This kitchen sink caddy will keep all your washing-up bits and bobs organised and sanitary, because the things that clean your dishes should also be clean.

    15. This powerful electric cleaning brush does all the hard scrubbing for you, instantly removing the most persistent of grime.

    16. Make clean-up easier with these reusable oven liners that prevent drips and spills from hardening onto your oven base. When the liners get grimy, you can just pop them in the dishwasher!

    17. This ice tray gives you spooky skulls instead of ice cubes. They'll make your beverages way more fun to drink, no bones about it (I'll see myself out).

    18. This non-stick baking mat has markings in it that tell you what size you're rolling your dough to. The back of the mat is designed to grip your countertop, so it stays in place.

    19. Scoop and drain food straight from hot pots or pans with this dishwasher-safe spoon colander. It comes with a nifty hook so you can safely rest it over the pan.

    20. Cut your prep time in half with this veggie dicer that's incredibly easy to use.

    21. This satisfying garlic mincer makes finely chopping your cloves a breeze. It'll prevent your hands from getting that garlicky smell that you can never seem to wash off, too!

    22. Once you start using this apple slicer, you'll wonder how you ever cut apples by hand.

    23. The slanted design of this pan scraper allows it to easily get into all the edges of your cookware.

    24. These odour resistant sponges change texture depending on the temperature. Dunk them in cold water and they become tough, hard sponges perfect for heavy scrubbing. Alternatively, dunk them in warm water and they become soft and suitable for regular washing.

    25. Quickly get rid of those unsettling floaty bits of limescale in your kettle with these descaling bags that you just drop in!

    26. This cake decorating set has everything you need to ice your bakes to perfection.

    27. This wine aerator means you don't have to let your wine breath for an hour, and can instead get its optimal taste as soon as you pour.

    28. Maximise your cupboard space with this genius hanging rack that holds ten mugs.