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    19 Things To Help You Have A Spooky Yet Safe Halloween At Home

    Just some decorations, activities, and accessories to get you in the Halloween spirit!

    1. Get in the Halloween spirit by decorating your home with these gorgeous jack o'lantern string lights.

    2. This cauldron mug is perfect for brewing potions like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

    3. Summon some supernatural advice with the help of the Modern Witch tarot deck.

    4. You can add Halloween vibes to any outfit with this pumpkin purse.

    5. Fangs is a classic boy-meets-girl romance, except 1) it's a graphic novel, 2) the boy is a werewolf, and 3) the girl is a vampire. It's written by by Sarah Andersen, the creator of the popular web comic Sarah Scribbles!

    6. These bat wall decals are actually three-dimensional, so it looks like they're flying off your wall!

    7. This pumpkin carving kit is fun for the whole family! It comes with a variety of carving tools that each have easy-to-grip handles, so you can make detailed designs with ease.

    8. If you have kids, they'll love this face painting set that comes with 15 different colours, two stencils, and two brushes. The paint is water-based, so it comes off with a damp cloth!

    9. You'd have to be absolutely batty not to decorate your bakes with these spooky sprinkles.

    10. This adult colouring book puts the gore in gorgeous. Unleash your creative side as you colour in ghouls, zombies, and killer clowns!

    11. Gather your housemates around this Ouija board and try to make contact with the deceased.

    12. Watching scary movies at home is a great way to safely celebrate Halloween, and 101 Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die will help you select the perfect film to watch.

    13. These Skeleton Jack earrings are the perfect accessory for anyone who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    14. Both Adults AND kids will enjoy using these Halloween cookie cutters to make spooky cookies.

    15. Instead of ice cubes, this mould makes ice skulls, instantly transforming your regular cocktail into a Halloween cocktail.

    16. Give your cupcakes a spooky flare with these laser cut wrappers.

    17. For a Halloween-chic look, add this subtle skeletal ear cuff to your jewellery collection.

    18. This fun neon light that's shaped like a bat is perfect for Halloween, but it also totally works as just regular, year-round home decor.

    19. Finally, no Halloween is complete without some spooky stories. Check out Behind You by Brian Coldrick, a collection of illustrated scary stories that are only one sentence long.