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    41 Of The Best Gifts That You Can Buy For Under £5

    Including gifts for kids!

    1. They can toss one of these sachets into a bonfire and watch the flames transform into a multicoloured spectacle!

    2. With the 2021 Guide To The Night Sky, they'll be able to spot constellations throughout the year! It's the perfect nerdy gift for outdoorsy people.

    3. Looking for a last-minute stocking filler for a kid? These easy-assembly glider planes are a fun crafty gift that's appropriate for ages three and up.

    4. These popular rose gold studs (seriously, they have over 1,000 reviews) are a heartwarming gift.

    5. Get them this fun LED letter that would make a great statement light on their bookshelf or desk.

    6. This fluffy headband will keep their hair dry and out of their face when they apply skincare.

    7. These gorgeous notebooks are small enough to fit into their pocket.

    8. This adorable onesie is a fun gift for a baby whose parents appreciate Labyrinth, AKA David Bowie's best movie.

    9. These knot earrings can be worn with practically every outfit.

    10. Practically everyone loves milk chocolate, so these Lindor truffles are basically guaranteed to be a hit.

    11. Kids will have loads of fun creating multicoloured drawings with this scratch-away doodle pad.

    12. These reindeer earrings are Christmas-chic, AKA the ultimate aesthetic.

    13. This strawberry milk carton is actually a kawaii pencil case.

    14. If these Santa earrings don't make them feel festive cheer, then I don't know what will!

    15. These fun lipstick pens are silly yet practical.

    16. This reusable, mess-free activity book has simple line drawings that become colourful when wet! The activity book comes with a waterbrush so kids can "paint" the pages.

    17. These Christmas tree earrings are funny, but also kind of cute?

    18. Give these gorgeous pastel highlighters to your organised friend who loves colour coding.

    19. Get your crafty friend this set of slender washi tape that they can use for scrapbooking or journaling.

    20. This scalp massage brush feels amazing, and there's no better gift than the gift of hair care.

    21. They won't beleaf that this journal cost less than £5.

    22. These colourful headbands are stocking fillers that people will actually use all year round.

    23. This sassy short-sleeve T-shirt is basically a wearable mood.

    24. This G&T flavoured lip balm will keep their lips smooth and remind them of their favourite beverage.

    25. Give them the gift of cosiness with this fun pom-pom hat!

    26. This vibrant liquid lipstick is dramatic and dynamic, just like them!

    27. Kids and adults will get a kick out of this Coca-Cola lip balm.

    28. Only an imposter wouldn't adore this Among Us-inspired plushie.

    29. These grey fingerless gloves will keep them snug and stylish this winter.

    30. This hydrating Garnier tissue mask is infused with chamomile and hyaluronic acid.

    31. This popular L'Oreal clay mask contains charcoal that helps draw out impurities and gunk from pores.

    32. This scented essential oil rollerball will help them unwind and relax.

    33. This Cath Kidston hand cream set features three moisturising lotions made with shea butter.

    34. This little resin tray is probably the most glamorous thing you can buy them for less than £2.

    35. They'll have everything they need to grow their own sunflowers with this indoor gardening kit.

    36. These asymmetrical astronaut earrings are a stellar look.

    37. Give their coffees and hot chocolates a festive finish with these fun stencils.

    38. Fun fact: you can buy them this tiny avocado pillow for under £4.

    39. This mango lip scrub exfoliates dead and chapped skin.

    40. People *swear* by this adult colouring book that's full of rather, well, colourful language.

    41. They can colour away their stress with these fun felt-tip pens. The ink washes off of skin and fabric, so they're kid-friendly too!