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    20 Fun Gifts For People Who Are Obsessed With The Colour Black

    Black isn't just a colour, it's an aesthetic.

    1. These creepy-yet-cool bombs will transform a regular bath into a dark, mysterious, and moisturising experience.

    2. This blackberry gin liqueur, or "Unicorn Tears", is perfect for making aesthetically-pleasing cocktails.

    3. This adorable little cactus pot actually comes with a cactus!

    4. Give this botanical hair scarf to your friend who has a "Morticia Addams, but cottagecore" aesthetic.

    5. Your BFF is a total star, so why not get them this stellar constellation bag? You can customise it with their initials!

    6. Anybody who knows that black is the new black will adore this charming art print.

    7. Maybe you can't give your BFF a hug, but you can give them a pug – a pug cookie!

    8. You can personalise this black makeup bag with their name.

    9. These asymmetrical earrings will compliment day looks and night looks alike.

    10. This sassy mug is giving some serious side-eye.

    11. This eye-catching mirror will reflect the fact that you're really good at giving gifts.

    12. These black strawberry stud earrings come with a set of pear earrings and a set of watermelon earrings. Not bad for £5!

    13. For a practical but pretty accessory, get them this fun drawstring backpack that will quickly become their go-to bag.

    14. Florals? But black? Groundbreaking. These floral temporary tattoos last for two to four days.

    15. For your friend who loves bold accessories, get them these dramatic drop earrings.

    16. This black tasseled purse will make a great addition to their going-out look.

    17. For a gift that's equally thoughtful and cosy, this embroidered sweatshirt that you can personalise with their birth flower will do the trick.

    18. These black crocheted earrings will add a nice element of texture to any outfit.

    19. This gorgeous charm bracelet, because being black-hearted isn't always a bad thing.

    20. Are they looking to redecorate? Get them these tile decal stickers that will transform the entire look of their home in minutes.