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    32 Genius Kitchen Products That I Think Deserve Some Attention

    Everything is under £20!

    1. These vibrant reusable baking cups are insanely cute and will save you money in the long run.

    2. Or, to add a bit of fun to your bakes, you can use these planter-shaped reusable baking cups that make your cupcakes look like potted plants.

    3. These removable, reusable oven liners prevent drips and spills from getting onto your oven base – just wash them by hand or pop them in the dishwasher when they get dirty.

    4. This this foldable blue scale proves that good things come in small packages.

    5. Keep your fridge clean and colourful with these reusable fridge liners.

    6. This multipurpose cutting board pops open to become a washing basin or storage basket.

    7. The flexible sides of this silicone ladle allow it to scrape out every last bit of food. Plus, the curved handle keeps the spoon off your countertops, so there's less mess.

    8. This measuring spoon and egg separator set will be the cherry on top of any kitchen.

    9. This cat-shaped grater, for when you want a toastie right meow.

    10. These genius fridge organisers, so you can see everything that's in your fridge at a glance.

    11. If you have a flair for the dramatic, then this blood splatter ladle rest is for you.

    12. These ladybird bag clips keep your snacks fresh, and look cute while doing it.

    13. This pull-out fridge drawer is perfect for maximising storage.

    14. These clever colanders are collapsible, so they take up way less space!

    15. This set of Star Wars egg cups are definitely the droids you're looking for.

    16. These duck toast tongs will prevent you from burning your fingers every time you try to remove a crumpet from the toaster.

    17. This sink organiser keeps your kitchen cleaning essentials organised and accessible.

    18. These cactus coasters are fun and functional.

    19. Instantly transform your backsplash with these black tile stickers.

    20. These easy-to-clean baking mats keep your bakes from sticking to the tray, and you can use them over and over again.

    21. Stripping herbs by hand can be tiring, so get yourself a herb stripper that doubles as a measuring cup!

    22. This pretty pig holds your ladle in place.

    23. This steel guard, so you can chop without worrying about nicking your fingers.

    24. This curved butter knife means you can finally get an even distribution of butter.

    25. This split pie tin means you can make two flavours of pies at the same time!

    26. This handy squeegee effectively clears uneaten food from plates, reducing the amount of water you need to wash your dishes.

    27. Scoop and drain food straight from hot pots or pans with this dishwasher-safe scoop colander – it has a nifty hook so you can safely rest it over the pan.

    28. This insanely satisfying watermelon cutter slices your melon into even, bite-sized cubes.

    29. This spaghetti measuring tool will tell you how much spaghetti you need to boil for up to four people.

    30. This non-stick baking mat has markings on it that tell you what size you're rolling your dough to.

    31. These novelty salt and pepper shakers are a perfect pair.

    32. Avoid cross-contamination with this colour coded knife set. It's useful and kinda cute!