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    24 Gifts That Are As Weird And Wonderful As Your BFF

    One-of-a-kind gifts for one-of-a-kind people!

    1. Does your BFF love sushi? Get them these fun socks that look like salmon rolls.

    2. For your friend who's still obsessed with Tiger King, this Joe Exotic bookmark is a must.

    3. This soft, cheetah-print scrunchie has a hidden pocket for keys, cash, or anything else your BFF needs to stash.

    4. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy your friend this giant plush seal that's equally cute and hilarious.

    5. If your pal misses going to the cinema, get them this air popcorn maker that comes with six retro-style popcorn boxes.

    6. They'll be bewitched by this magical cauldron mug.

    7. I donut understand why anyone wouldn't love this amazing mug – you can get it with brown, pink, or blue "frosting".

    8. This skeletal hand back scratcher is a novelty gift that they will actually end up using all the time.

    9. It's a truth universally acknowledged that every bookworm is in want of this Jane Austen tarot deck that doubles as playing cards.

    10. Buy your favourite bibliophile this set of book-inspired pins.

    11. These shimmery mermaid scale earrings will allow them to be "where the people are" AND be "under the sea" at the same time.

    12. And this mermaid tail blanket will certainly make a splash.

    13. People *swear* by this colouring book filled with rather colourful language.

    14. And why not pair it with these luxurious colouring pencils?

    15. Let your friend know that they're truly unforgettable with this floral kit. It has everything they need to grow their very own forget-me-nots!

    16. This enamel pin is the perfect gift for your friend who raises hell (in the best possible way).

    17. They can use this fun notebook to jot down their hottest takes and ideas.

    18. They can personalise this voodoo doll with a picture of their enemy.

    19. They can have all the fun of a tattoo without any of the commitment thanks to these temporary tattoo markers.

    20. They'll love this touch-activated lunar lamp all the way to the moon and back.

    21. These dangly Ouija board earrings might not summon any spirits, but they're still pretty cool.

    22. These llama string lights are simply the best version of string lights.

    23. These Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes will help them create magical looks.

    24. These bubble tea earrings are whimsical, fun, and also under £1.